About us

Hi! We're CR2 and our business is simple. We provide innovative omnichannel banking software to banks all around the world. What's important to us is working closely with our customers to meet their unique challenges and reach their strategic goals through excellence in omnichannel self-service banking. From ATM to mobile and from POS to internet, at CR2, we make self-service banking better.

We are proud to work alongside banks in over 60 countries and across 4 continents to make their self-service banking channels the very best they can be. Dublin, Ireland is where we call home and we have colleagues across a network of offices in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

A brief history of the future

It all started in 1997 when the internet and self-service industries started to change people’s lives. We had a visionary thought that self-service banking was the future and that customers would soon be moving away from the traditional branch.

The challenge at that time was to empower the self-service channels in recognising not only a card or a password, but a person with unique requirements. We began our journey focusing on the internet and mobile banking channels and the unique idea of linking them together. Our objective was to enable banks to interact with clients individually and uniquely providing tailored products and services on self-service channels.

"We envisioned the creation of a unified self-service platform”

We quickly realised that in order to service our customers exceptionally, we had to be truly omnichannel. As such, we acquired Interlink, a provider of ATM solutions which had already over 15 years’ experience servicing leading large banks across the globe. As a result, the ATM was added to our product mix and all channels were linked together cohesively. Constantly driven to create a unified self-service platform, CR2 was a pioneer in providing this to retail banks. Even today, very few solutions in the market are truly operating in a modern omnichannel approach.

CR2 continues to heavily invest in research and development. We are proud to have been the first to launch new ways of banking such as P2P mobile payment, card deactivation from a mobile phone, personalisation at every touch point and a domestic remittance system using the entire self-service network. We believe in the value of delivering cutting-edge services to our clients to keep you ahead of the competition.

From our origins to today, none of this would have been possible without the support of our founders, investors, partners and developers as well as our passionate and talented team. We are obsessed with how technology provides convenience to our clients, and their clients, while maintaining the personal touch!

Today, CR2 has customers across 60 countries in 4 continents, driving tens of thousands of ATMs and servicing millions of internet and mobile banking users globally.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, CR2 has a network of well-established offices and partners across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


What we do

At CR2, we encourage you to revolutionise the way you think and interact with your customers in an omnichannel banking environment

CR2’s BankWorld is an innovative suite of banking solutions which provides a complete view of each customer’s entire banking relationship. This allows for a powerful level of segmentation, tailored new product and service design, and the delivery of targeted offerings across all channels. BankWorld comprises of an omnichannel integrated platform that manages and personalises all self-service channels: ATM, Kiosk, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, POS, and Cards. The power of this platform helps you to gain centralised control over all channels and focus on business strategy. Manage, transact, design, personalise, sell and measure your activities all from our unique platform.

We are constantly innovating, releasing ready to roll out products and services that change the way the world banks. We think that you should no longer have to outsource control of your self-service channels to third parties. Instead we believe that you should take advantage of managing and designing your own self-service channels offerings and we give you the capability to do so. We help to re-engineer the self-service channels towards a revenue generating and cost effective way of servicing customers.

  • Our Mission
  • CR2 Product Family – At a Glance
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to be the global market-leading supplier of innovative self-service banking software.

    • To continue to develop truly innovative omnichannel solutions for the challenges of today, tomorrow and beyond
    • To help your financial organisation personalise your self-service channels efficiently and quickly
    • To put your self-service channels to work, we enable them to be a significant contributor to your revenues
    • To free up branches to focus on higher value transactions by migrating regular instructions to the self-service channels


  • CR2 Product Family – At a Glance 

    • BankWorld Channel Manager: An integrated platform driving the complete omnichannel network.
    • BankWorld ATMA solution created to maximise ATM network capabilities –including a switch, screen design, monitoring, support and management tools.
    • BankWorld Internet: A modern and user friendly internet banking solution based on the latest html 5 technology
    • BankWorld Mobile & App: A complete mobile banking solution offering SMS push and pull capabilities, in addition to advanced web based services and a mobile app.
    • BankWorld POSA point of sale acquiring and payment system.
    • CardWorldAn end-to-end card payment, management and processing product.

    These solutions have already been integrated with a host of back office systems globally.