Our People

" As a product consultant I visit new and current clients for implementation and support. It is the togetherness and cooperative effort from different departments which brings results"

"My job is about the day-to-day Operations of CR2, Dev, CS and PS, Customer Satisfaction is my #1 goal"

"I like to be part of a team that strikes a balance between what is good for the product and what the customer needs"

"As a Customer Support Engineer, I provide technical assistance on BankWorld Products to customers, understand customers' requirements, perform issue analysis, isolates problems of minimal to moderate complexity and ensure prompt resolution of the issues. I'm really impressed with how issues are analysed and resolved with such exemplary calm and focus by my colleagues"

"I enjoy the CR2 stalwarts as there is a wealth of knowledge and experience making for an excellent team"

"Here at Project Office I do my best to support processes aimed at successful CR2 products implementations. Transforming ideas into improvements – you could say that’s our team motto!"

"I work at the marketing department where I help to cement the CR2 brand in customers' minds. I like creativity and every day is different at CR2, that makes me help coming back every day"

As a senior systems architect, its my job to continually enhance and improve our product offerings to ensure our customers view us as a best of breed, value adding solution vendor in the retail banking software space.

"I'm a big fan of lean, automated development and am always experimenting with the latest DevOps innovations and tools to see if they can benefit our development operations here in Perth or our customers."