Here is a non-exhaustive list of questions you may have on CR2 and our solutions. Feel free to email us, call or simply chat to us for more information.

Question 1 - Why choose BankWorld?

BankWorld gives you the freedom to easily manage your self-service channels from a single point, providing a unique 360 degree view of customer’s interaction at every touch point. With BankWorld, you can easily design and launch innovative products and services quickly and simply, contributing to a reduction in costs, as well as facilitating revenue generation and increasing customer loyalty. BankWorld also gives you advanced segmentation capabilities, allowing you to segment your customer base and deliver truly unique offerings to each specific customer based on their profile. With BankWorld, it is all about delivering the right product, to the right person, at the right time.

BankWorld is a powerful self-service banking solution which gives you the power to:

  • Manage all self-service channels from one point
  • Design and push tailored offerings
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Convert leads into sales
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Generate revenue


  • Manage the entire customer’s relationship from one point
  • Generate revenue through cross-selling and innovation
  • Increase customer satisfaction with responsive channels and consistency
  • Roll out new products in a short time
  • Reduce licence and operational costs
  • Improve efficiency with full control and centralised operations

Main Features

  • Self-service channel management platform : ATM, Internet, Mobile, POS, Kiosk, Card
  • A unique 360 degree view of the customer’s activity across all channels
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product design
  • Roll out offerings across all or selected channels
  • System monitoring
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Question 2 - What is CR2's full range of banking solutions?

BankWorld is an integrated omnichannel platform which includes plug and play ATMcard managementswitchinternet banking, and mobile banking, and POS solutions. BankWorld can be delivered across all channels or individually on the channel or channels of your choice. The integration of BankWorld solutions can be performed as either a replacement for, or in front of, your existing channel solution.

Our expertise allows us to offer solutions to the below industries: 

  • Retail Banking 
  • Corporate Banking
  • Central Banks

To read more about CR2's full range of banking solutions, please visit our solutions page.

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Question 3 - What does omnichannel banking mean?

Omnichannel banking is the ability to deliver a seamless, real-time experience over any or multiple devices such as ATM, mobile and internet. The process involves deep cross-channel integration, with all channels working seamlessly and in unison with your entire banking infrastructure.

At it's heart, lies your banks ability to provide ‘everything at any time’. Through omnichannel banking, your customer has access to the same offerings, look and feel, products and adverts regardless of what device they are using. Because the data is both consolidated and consistent, your customer has a single relationship file with you and can send a request while receiving an instant response. With omnichannel, banking becomes instant, interactive and tailored to your customer.

For banks, omnichannel means enhanced customer intelligence and visibility as you will have a unique 360 view of entire customer relationships. This valueable and rich data is important as it allows each specific customer to be targeted with unique offers which are relevant to them. This advanced knowledge of individual customers including accounts owned, savings earned, cards detained as well as income and purchase history leads to a host of business opportunities for your bank.

To find out more about omnichannel banking, please visit our solutions page.

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Question 4 - How does BankWorld work?

Quite simply, our BankWorld solution plugs into your existing core banking system or in front of your existing switch. Our intuitive graphical user interface helps your team manage the entire self-service distribution network from a single place. It also not only performs routine tasks, but goes beyond this by personalising each touch point to your clients specific profile with themed screens, menus, design and transactions, all set from a single place.

To find out more about our range of BankWorld solutions, please visit our solutions page.

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Question 5 - How can BankWorld help me to reduce my costs?

CR2’s BankWorld solution enables banks to significantly increase the efficiency of processing transactions on self-service channels and in the designing and launching of new products on these channels.

  • Self-service channels can be integrated with each-other, reducing costs
  • In-House Design – make your own products easily with BankWorld Studio drag and drop design
  • Manage the entire customer’s interaction across all channels from a single point
  • Reduce time to market – Quickly design and launch products on all channels simultaneously.
  • Simplified administration and reporting

To find out more about our range of BankWorld solutions, please visit our solutions page.

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Question 6 - How can BankWorld help me to reach new customers?

BankWorld can help your bank to reach new customer in a host of ways. By facilitating offerings such as anonymous services, cardless acess,  bill payment and cash withdrawal, your bank can precisely identify a non customers and instantly present them with competitive offers. With our call me back button, a non customer can leave their mobile number to be contacted at a later point.

With BankWorld, your bank can precisely focus on specific customers with offers that are superior to their existing package, enticing them to become customers. With innovative new remittance products like Money Voucher and P2P mobile payment, BankWorld helps your bank to acquire new customers automatically where virtual accounts are created and fully managed within BankWorld.

To find out more about our full range of BankWorld solutions, please visit our solutions page.

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Question 7 - How can BankWorld help me to innovate?

At CR2, innovation is our DNA. Everything we do further develops unique new ways of banking. We invest heavily in research and development and have specially designed a range of solutions that will put your bank at the forefront of the industry. By allowing your customers to send money to anyone using BankWorld P2P Mobile Payments or Money Vouchers, get access to cash anytime, deactivate a card at the touch of a button or an SMS and recieve pre-approved new offers, BankWorld offers so much more to your bank. With BankWorld, the opportunities are limitless.

To find our more about some of our recent omnichannel innovations, please visit our omnichannel innovation page.

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Question 8 - Where does BankWorld sit within my IT architecture?

Our BankWorld solution is back office system agnostic and simply plugs to your existing core banking systems. We successfully connect with over 65 different back-office systems in multiple languages, both leading and proprietary systems.

Whatever ATM brand you use, BankWorld ATM client can be installed. BankWorld certified ATMs include NCR, Wincor-Nixdorf, Diebold, Fujistu, Nautilus-Hyosung, Eastcom and GRG. 


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Question 9 - How does implementation work?

In order to ensure a smooth implementation, we at CR2 have developed a methodology specifically designed to meet the complexities of implementing channel management software. This methodology is a proven structured approach to the implementation of the BankWorld product suite.

Methodology – new installation project

With a new installation project there are seven project stages:

  • Project Launch
  • Analysis & Design
    • Install Base System (BIAB)
    • Familiarisation Training
    • Standard Changes Workshop
      • Any changes not provided for in the list of Standard Changes, must be noted for inclusion in the Change Project.
  • Change Project (if any non-standard changes are needed)
  • Implement Changes
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Review

Methodology – change project

With a project change there are 6 product stages: 

  • Project Launch
  • Define Changes
  • Implement Changes
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Review
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Question 10 - What can CR2 bring to my ATM strategy?

At CR2, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of ATM banking. Our goal is to not only provide ATM solutions which offer exceptional customer experiences, but also tangible benefits and real strategic opportinities for your bank.

BankWorld ATM's powerful personalisation capabilities allow your bank to segment and tailor product and service offerings to individual customer groups. This means that you are delivering the right product, at the right place, and at the right time.  By providing a complete, centralised 360 view of all customer interactions with your bank, we allow you to build up a comprehensive picture of each customer and target them with appropriate offers accordingly. Going one step further, BankWorld also facilitates instant acceptance of these products and services through the ATM, giving you the opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell, and increase product per customer ratios.

With BankWorld ATM, your bank can move your ATM capability beyond cash services by offering innovative and marketing leading products and actionable offers which can be accepted right there on the ATM. With BankWorld's simple drag and drop design studio, your bank staff are empowered to design your own products easily, reducing both time to market and your banks operational costs. With BankWorld ATM, all of these opportunities are realised and operated on your existing self service network.

To find out more about BankWorld ATM, please visit our BankWorld ATM pages.

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Question 11 - What can CR2 bring to my internet strategy?

With BankWorld Internet, your bank will have the advanced personalisation capabilities to provide exceptional customer experiences as well as the market leading internet services your customers want. Customers are more effectively targeted with campaigns and promotions that are relevant to them, thus improving cross-sell opportunities and generating revenue for your bank also. BankWorld Internet also lets you differentiate your bank via unique internet banking offerings. With BankWorld Internet, you are offering innovative products and services to clients and facilitating simple management of online accounts. 

With BankWorld Internet, we have designed an internet banking application that is straightforward for your team to take full ownership of. Once installed, regardless of existing IT infrastructure, your team will be mastering the internet channel with an intuitive user interface and a complete host of transactions and configuration capabilities. The solution allows you to address both business and operational strategy in a straightforward manner.

BankWorld simply plugs into your existing core banking system. BankWorld Internet is characterised by its ability to operate and maintain all transactions independently from the back office system, so customers can enjoy 24x7 online banking access even when the core banking system is unavailable. Being omnichannel in its nature, BankWorld Internet works in conjunction with other self-service channels such as the ATM and mobile to let you provide products and services to your customers that may otherwise not be possible. 

To find out more about BankWorld Internet, please visit our BankWorld Internet pages.

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Question 12 - What can CR2 bring to my mobile strategy?

CR2 has designed BankWorld Mobile to suit all mobile technologies and to provide mobile banking, mobile payment and personalised banking products and services integrated into a single platform. Meaningful engagement between you and your customers is facilitated as users can tailor their mobile experience using preferences, in addition to setting up automated requests via the BankWorld omnichannel platform. 

Your bank can be differentiated through BankWorld Mobile with a rich set of innovative transactions that go well beyond basic balance check, statements or alerts. Sending money between mobile phones, turning a card on and off at your convenience, accepting a loan and redeeming it instantly can all be undertaken from a customer's mobile phone.

BankWorld Mobile also offers a more streamlined approach to operating your mobile channel. The solution’s simplified architecture allows for a swift implementation with other channels, accelerated product development and shorter release time frame. 

To find out more about BankWorld Mobile, please visit our BankWorld Mobile pages.

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Question 13 - What can CR2 bring to my omnichannel strategy?

BankWorld Omnichannel Solution offers you the opportunity to manage all self-service channels from a single point, designing and pushing tailored offerings to customers across all self-service channels. BankWorld Omnichannel Solution allows you to design once and deploy to all channels, quickly, simply and at a reduced cost. 

CR2 has designed BankWorld Omnichannel Solution to harness customer data and offer a unified self-service customer experience with personalisation at every touch point.  Having this 360 degree view of customer activities comes with several benefits. With all channels working together, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities can be realised by presenting customers with just the right product, at just the right time. By enhancing customer experiences and providing personalised interactions, you bank can also improve customer satisfaction and retention rates, because after all a happy customer is the best business strategy.

Selecting BankWorld as a single platform to manage all of your self-service channels means greatly reducing your costs. Giving your team the power to manage and take control over your self-service channels, to launch products at convenience, and to change design without relying on a vendor all contribute to these cost savings. 

To find out more about BankWorld Omnichannel Solution, please visit our BankWorld Omnichannel Solution page.


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Question 14 - How can CR2 help the Head of Retail Banking?

At CR2, we constantly work to give you all to tools you need to take control of your self-service channels an no longer worry about technology. With BankWorld you are free to focus on what is important, your customer, and personalise their entire self-service banking experience from start to finish through. BankWorld will also empower you to increase the product per customer ratio by offering relevant and actionable products and services to your customers, analyse your customer relationships and data by providing a complete 360 view of all transactions and history, and report on and monitor customer data effectively to allow for future product release planning.

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Question 15 - How can CR2 help a bank CEO?

At CR2, we can help bank CEO's to make fully informed decisions regarding their distribution strategy. By offering you a complete and centralised view of your customers entire relationship, channel usage and behavoiur, we give you the direct control needed to help develop and implement an effective strategy.

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Question 16 - How can CR2 help the Head of IT?

CR2 can help a banks Head of IT by giving them full ownership of our entire self-service solution. Once delivered, your team can make any ammendments to the application themselves, with ease.

With our BankWorld ATM, we provide seperate modules for seperate departments within your bank, making it easy for IT to focus on the technology. Also, our solution's robustness, scalability and centralised management ensure maximum uptime. Our tools can be used at both a centralised level and branch level in an extremely cost effective manner.


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Question 17 - How long has CR2 been in this business?

Since 1997, CR2 has been a pioneer in the retail banking software industry. BankWorld is the latest comprehensive suite of integrated self-service solutions which includes an integrated multichannel platform, ATM, Internet, Mobile and POS solutions as well as a powerful card management system. Today CR2 has 100 banking customers across 60 countries in 4 continents, driving thousands of ATMs and servicing millions of internet and mobile banking users globally. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, CR2 has a network of well-established offices and representatives across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

For more information on CR2 please visit our company page.

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Question 18 - What is CR2's pricing model?

At CR2, we strive to be your bank's long term partner and accompanying you as you grow. As such, we are committed to ensuring that our pricing model is transparent and open. Based on a one time licence fee, our pricing is always clearly defined by your requirements and is set simply on modules selected and the number of devices being utilised. A recurring licence fee is then paid annually to cover the costs of support.

At CR2, we will never surprise you with transaction-based fees over which you have no control. With BankWorld, you know what you can expect to pay each year and know that there will be no changes to this pricing model. Your bank will be free to grow, without any surprises. 

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Question 19 - Where are CR2 located?

CR2 has our headquarters in Dublin, Ireland with offices worldwide in Australia, Singapore, India, Jordan, UAE, Russia, South Africa and Egypt.

For a full list of office locations and contact details please visit our offices page.

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Question 20 - Who uses CR2 software?

CR2 works with over 100 banks in 60 countries and across 4 continents. Our clients include major tier 1 banks such as ANZ, Barclays and Standard Chartered Bank as well as numerous regional and country leading retail banks including National Bank of Abu Dhabi, QNB Al Ahli, Jordan Ahli Bank, Diamond Bank, CRDB, and Aya Bank.

All of our clients have selected our unique solutions to both differentiate their offering and launch the innovative products and services which create exceptional customer experiences. We are proud that our innovative products have allowed CRBD to excel through their agency banking channel in Tanzania, Zemen Bank to provide market leading pre-paid card solutions in Ethiopia, Bank Al Etihad to offer instant and actionable fast loans on the ATM, ANZ to provide convenient and lucrative dynamic currency conversion across Asia and Diamond Bank to employ powerful segmentation to deliver banking personalisation in Nigeria.

To take a look at just a few of these examples, please visit our success stories page.

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