Jordan Ahli Bank live on BankWorld

CR2 has announced that Jordan Ahli Bank, formerly known as Jordan National Bank, has gone live with CR2’s BankWorld platform enabling the bank to deliver a market leading customer experience at the ATM.

Ahli Bank carefully selected BankWorld as it allowed the bank to improve profitability of their ATM network while increasing customer satisfaction. BankWorld Manager and Support Tool enable Ahli Bank to monitor, administer and support their ATM network from a central location. Additionally the Bank uses BankWorld Studio which allows the bank’s marketing staff to deliver branding campaigns quickly and easily by designing ATM screens, backgrounds, adverts and buttons without any technical knowledge. BankWorld Custodian enables the bank to facilitate local ATM cash management and provide in-branch support optimising ATM network uptime.

Through an integrated and flexible strategy, Ahli Bank now has the ability to quickly respond to market developments and measure the success of their actions. The bank is also complying with international standards by becoming EMV compliant thus offering more security at the ATM channel.

 "BankWorld will contribute to Ahli Bank’s growth by helping the bank to maximise their ATM network profitability and greater enhance the customer experience at the ATM channel." Kieran Kilcullen, Director Sales & Marketing, CR2.