Diamond Bank experiences growth with CR2’s BankWorld multichannel platform

CR2 and Diamond Bank are pleased to report the Bank’s successful growth using the BankWorld multichannel platform. Consistent with their commitment to providing an unparalleled customer experience, Diamond Bank deployed CR2’s innovative BankWorld multichannel platform across their ATM, internet and mobile banking channels including innovative banking services unique in Nigeria. BankWorld has empowered the Bank to extend their customer reach far beyond the bank branch using powerful electronic channels and the Bank has experienced significant growth in their customer base as a result.

BankWorld provides a robust and flexible platform for Diamond Bank’s ATM, internet and mobile channels. Diamond Bank has rolled out their functionally-rich internet channel to both corporate and retail customers and since the implementation of BankWorld, the Bank’s ATM network has grown rapidly from 15 ATMs to a network of nearly 700 ATMs today. The Bank now plans to deploy more ATMs using the BankWorld ATM Client. BankWorld is a fully integrated platform, meaning the Bank’s staff can easily manage this rapid growth from a single point. BankWorld’s advanced operational tools have enabled the Bank’s team to manage and support the growing network both locally and remotely, ensuring they can always provide their customers with advanced banking services.

A domestic remittance system using ATM, internet and mobile
Diamond Bank is continuing to roll out advanced new services on the BankWorld platform to ensure the Bank remains at the forefront of banking technology while also allowing them to tap into the vast unbanked population in Nigeria. By making innovative services such as Money Voucher, a domestic e-cheque remittance service, available on the self-service channels Diamond Bank will be able provide the 79% of the Nigerian population estimated not to have access to formal banking services with important financial services while at the same time increasing their customer base.

Segmented offers customers can accept instantly on any channel
The Bank is currently implementing segmentation across all channels which will allow them to send relevant and targeted advertisements to specific customer segments, ensuring they are reaching the right customers on the right channel.

Rapid growth as a result of their multichannel strategy
Diamond Bank has gained a reputation as an innovator and a pioneer of next-generation banking technology on the self-service channels. This year, Diamond Bank was recognised for its excellent customer service as it climbed from 45 to 36 in The Africa Report Top 200 Banks.

The Irish Minister for Trade and Development, Joe Costello T.D., who was in Nigeria leading an Enterprise Ireland trade mission to drive trade between the two countries, commented "CR2 is one of the most exciting success stories that has emerged from the thriving Irish software industry. We support them in over 60 international markets and I am very pleased to be here in Nigeria to see first-hand the growth Diamond Bank has experienced using CR2's solutions."

Speaking about the success of Diamond Bank, Martin Dolan, CEO of CR2 said, “Diamond Bank is a very innovative bank that strives to provide their customers with the most cutting-edge banking services. With BankWorld, the Bank has been able to take their self-service offering to the next level in Nigeria and provide their customers with the excellent customer experience they demand.”

Commenting on the Bank’s positive experience with BankWorld, Daniel Akumabor, Head of the Transaction and Electronic Banking Division at Diamond Bank said, “We aim to offer the best customer experience in Nigerian banking and our collaboration with CR2 has helped us in achieving this goal. Ensuring that we can reach customers who cannot easily access the branch is an important part of that – with BankWorld we have been able to provide members of the unbanked population not just with basic banking services but also high-level functionalities at the ATM, Internet and Mobile channels.”