Bank of Sharjah, UAE successfully upgrade their ATM network to Windows 7 using CR2’s BankWorld

Bank of Sharjah, one of the UAE’s leading corporate and retail banks, and CR2, a leading provider of self-service banking solutions, today announced that the Bank is one of the first to successfully upgrade their ATM network to Windows 7 using CR2’s technology.

In 2007 Microsoft announced that it would no longer offer support to Windows XP, the system powering more than 95% of the world’s ATMs after April 2014. The announcement, stating that Microsoft would no longer be providing security updates or technical support for XP meant operators would find it increasingly difficult to support their systems and ensure sufficient software security. However for a huge proportion of banks, the cost and time involved in upgrading their systems to Windows 7 remains a significant challenge. For Bank of Sharjah, using CR2’s BankWorld to manage and monitor their ATM network from a single point enabled a speedy and simplified roll out of the Windows 7 upgrade.

Bank of Sharjah is using CR2’s existing Windows-based BankWorld ATM Client solution on their ATM network which facilitated a swift migration to Windows 7. The migration followed advanced certification testing of the Windows 7 platform which was undertaken at the ATM labs of CR2 located in Dublin, Ireland. By maintaining the services interface and functions cross platform, BankWorld can be run on both XP and Windows 7 enabled ATMs with no changes required on the BankWorld server. This allowed Bank of Sharjah customers to enjoy a seamless transition from an XP ATM to a Windows 7 ATM.

By taking advantage of this Windows 7 upgrade and BankWorld’s full range of products on the ATM, Bank of Sharjah is able to simply and efficiently design screens, manage and deliver personalised offerings, and monitor their entire distribution and customer channel network all from a single platform. Their customers are also experiencing an improved service with faster access at the ATM.