CR2 announce the arrival of BankWorld ATM Client 5 and BankWorld Studio.

CR2 is delighted to announce the launch of its next generation and fully PA-DSS compliant ATM software, BankWorld ATM Client 5 and BankWorld Studio. With this latest advancement, CR2 are releasing complete details on their now globally unrivalled solution.

With the arrival of BankWorld ATM Client 5, CR2 are empowering the ATM with not only intelligent and advanced services such as ground breaking video capabilities including live teller assistance, but also game-changing advances in usability. BankWorld ATM Client 5 will now allow customers to truly bank their way with simple touchscreen navigation through screen swiping, carousel screens and many other user friendly actions and graphical elements which have been inspired by their own personal gadgets.

For banks and their customers, BWAC 5 heralds the introduction of a first of its kind software that brings together the personalisation, business intelligence and advanced service capabilities offered separately by other vendors. By providing a rich user interface, customers are presented with an attractive, speedy and contextual experience on the ATM or kiosk as well as a similar look and feel to their own personal technology devices.

This latest iteration of BankWorld ATM Client 5 has also involved the redesign of BankWorld Studio, CR2’s powerful tool which allows a bank’s own staff to design and deploy branding, campaigns and products to the self-service channels in-house in both a time and cost effective way. This module allows banks to personalise the ATM experience by giving their business teams the power to design and publish new branding, products and services depending on each customer’s unique profile or segment. With the launch of BankWorld ATM Client 5, BankWorld ATM Studio has also been empowered with a powerful interface using CSS styles and HTML to truly bring to life next-generation graphics and usability enhancements. With the introduction of all of these elements, BWAC 5 and BankWorld Studio combine to notably increase the service-oriented focus of banks and actively enhance the user experience of their customers.

To deliver this, some of the key updates which are now available through BWAC 5 are:

  • Tablet-like overall customer experience
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Cardless Deposit
  • Loan Payment
  •  Set e-commerce PIN
  • Support for HTML5 and CSS Animations
  • XFS camera support
  • Works on any ATM brand
  • New Installer and ATM analyser
  • ATM Uptime Statistics
  • Remote Key Loading

Talking about the latest BWAC5 and BankWorld Studio release, Franky Van Damme CEO at CR2 mentioned: “CR2 is proud to bring BankWorld ATM Client 5 to the market with capabilities which make it the very best solution available in the market today and fully PA-DSS compliant. We have worked hard, listening to our clients and their needs to develop this next-generation software for the ATM. By offering a visually appealing and simple user experience to customers coupled with the rapid product deployment and speed to market capabilities of BankWorld Studio, we look forward to working with our client banks to truly bring the functionality of the ATM to life.”