CR2 has extensive modules and off the shelf banking products and services ready to be deployed. Download our solution brochures here.

    • CR2 Webinar Series: Episode 4
      The smart banks guide to mastering ATM and Kiosk channels through in-house design Cick here to watch
    • CR2 Webinar Series: Episode 3
      Getting omnichannel right; How to provide exceptional customer experiences through digital transformation Click here to watch
    • CR2 Webinar Series: Episode 2
      Digital payments and remittances in the digital age Click here to watch
    • CR2 Webinar Series: Episode 1
      Putting the ATM at the heart of your digital banking strategy. Click here to watch
    • Finextra Interview, Sibos 2014
      Finextra interviews Lance Gourlay, Director Corporate Accounts, CR2 during Sibos, 30th September 2014
    • CR2's BankWorld Instant Cash Send at Finovate Fall 2014
      CR2 demonstrating the BankWorld Cash Send application at Finovate Fall 2014. Cash Send is a truly omnichannel product recently deployed by CR2 which allows people to instantly send cash to any individual from a mobile app.
    • Personalise services to customer at the ATM, CR2 at Finovate Europe 2013
      CR2 demonstrated how to personalise services at the ATM using our innovative Bankworld ATM solution. BankWorld ATM solution enables customers to get a tailored offering as well as a unique branding in line with their lifestyle.
    • A New Customer Experience at the ATM, CR2 at Finovate Fall 2013
      Unveiled at Finovate New York, CR2 brings an innovative perspective to the ATM channel through a never seen before touch screen interface inspired by kiosk and mobile practices.
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  • The Channels
    • BankWorld Omnichannel Platform
      BankWorld Omnichannel Platform helps you manage all self-service channels from a single point. Download
    • ATM Banking
      BankWorld ATM enables the management and support of ATMs as well as the design of ATM screens and launch of personalised campaigns Download
    • Internet Banking
      BankWorld Internet is a modern, responsive and functionality-rich internet banking application Download
    • Mobile Banking
      BankWorld Mobile is a single platform to manage mobile banking across multiple modes: SMS, USSD, Mobile Web and App. Download
    • Mobile Banking App
      BankWorld Mobile App is a unique banking app that enables you to personalise interaction with your customers on any smartphones and tablets Download
    • Card Management
      CardWorld is a complete suite of card management solutions for issuing, acquiring, producing cards as well as prepaid and fraud prevention solutions. Download
    • POS Solution
      BankWorld POS provides banks with a merchant-acquiring solution that is fully EMV and triple DES compliant Download
    • Kiosk Banking
      BankWorld Kiosk enables you to integrate kiosks into your omnichannel strategy and open up services to both customers and non customers alike Download
    • Sparrow
      Sparrow is CR2’s leading UNIX-based ATM and POS transaction management system. It is an impressive ATM, POS and debit card management system complete with routing and stand-in processing capabilities. Download