Project Methodology

CR2 understands the complexities of the implementation and support of channel management software. As such, our Professional Services Division has developed a proven project methodology which is based on our extensive experience managing projects and installing CR2 products worldwide. During your migration to our solutions, you can rest assured that an entire team is ensuring the smooth transition for both your bank and customers.

Project Methodology

All implementation projects require the application of knowledge, skills, tools, methodologies and techniques to undertake project tasks in order to meet or exceed a variety of needs and expectations. Managing such projects requires the following:

  • The identification of requirements (needs)
  • The management of unidentified requirements (expectations)
  • Establishment of clear and achievable objectives
  • The balancing of the competing demands for scope, time schedule, cost and quality, and the formulation of a plan to achieve the defined objectives using the available resources
  • Meeting the expectations of the various stakeholders and their differing and occasionally conflicting needs and expectations

Our project methodology consists of both management and implementation processes including:

  • The PS approach to implementation
  • The PS means of ensuring that the approach is applied (the project audit function)
  • PS proactive management, reporting, and timely action on issues, concerns, problems and opportunities that arise during the project

The management processes focus on ensuring timely delivery, while the implementation processes define the approach, tasks and deliverables for each activity needed to deliver the solution

Project Manager

Upon the commencement of any implementation project the Professional Services Division appoints a Project Manager with responsibility for the project. While there will be a number of CR2 personnel involved throughout the project, the CR2 Project Manager is the key contact point for all areas throughout the implementation process. The CR2 Project Manager is involved from contract signature until the system goes into production. Their objective is to reduce project risk and assist in the delivery of the full business benefit at the earliest possible time.

When the project starts, the CR2 Project Manager will travel to the site and conduct the Project Launch. During the Project Launch the CR2 Project Manager works closely with the your own Project Manager to define, in detail, and agree the project scope and plan.

The CR2 Project Manager will monitor progress and offer on-going advice based on our methodology, experience and knowledge of the implementation process and in line with the service level requested by our customer. Service levels offered extend from periodic progress reviews by the CR2 Project Manager, through on-site reviews, advice and guidance from a Solution Architect, up to full-time on-site Project Management.

Project Services

In addition to the Project Manager and Project Consultant, the CR2 Professional Services team comprises highly experienced:

  • Product Consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Product Trainers
  • Web Specialists
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Systems Integrators

Appropriate personnel from each of these disciplines will be assigned to the project at the relevant times. CR2's Professional Services coverage enables us to offer these services from Amman, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, and through a global network of partners, bringing local knowledge to projects.