A truly omnichannel solution. BankWorld enables the delivery of rich, timely and consistent user experience across multiple self-service channels, allowing you to deliver the right product in the right place at the right time – to all your customers.

Customer relationships in banking are constantly evolving, with more and more customers carrying out transactions on self-service channels than ever before. Banks must evolve the way they conduct their business across these channels, not only to better interact with customers, but also to ensure that they can optimise the value of each customer relationship across all points of contact. CR2 has developed BankWorld, an integrated self-service banking platform, to help banks achieve both these goals by delivering a rich, timely and consistent user experience across all self-service channels.

Today’s customers constantly receive relevant purchasing suggestions from companies such as online retailers and hotels, so why not from their bank? To take advantage of changing customer behaviour and expectations, banks need to adapt to how customers want to do business. Customers want simple, streamlined and personalised services. The delivery of these services is now easier than ever before with BankWorld. The BankWorld omnichannel solution creates a seamless user experience across all self-service channels, including ATM & CardsInternet Banking and Mobile Banking. BankWorld can be deployed as a full solution covering all self-service channels, or as a single channel solution.

A single centralised solution

Google currently estimates that over 46% of consumers switch devices before completing a banking activity. These consumers expect banks to effortlessly adapt to this channel shift, and to be as versatile as they are. BankWorld provides a single integrated platform that manages all electronic delivery channels allowing you to reap the rewards of centralised customer information. In a market where it has become increasingly important to stay ahead of the game, BankWorld allows you to manage all self-service channels from a single point, and to design and deliver tailored product offerings to customers seamlessly across all of these channels.

One solution, endless opportunities

While shifting customer behaviour may prove challenging, it can also provide significant opportunities for banks who embrace omnichannel banking and its potential. CR2 has designed BankWorld to do just this by harnessing customer data and offering a unified self-service customer experience with personalisation at every touch point. 


  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Technology
    • Improve efficiency with full control and centralised operations
    • Launch innovative new products quickly
    • Reduce licence and operational costs
    • Provide enhanced customer security
    • Generate Revenue through cross-selling and up-selling
    • Increase customer satisfaction with responsive channels and a consistent view of their accounts
    • A single point of information
    • Omnichannel
    • Multilingual
    • Multicurrency
    • High volume processing
    • Multiple authentication layers
    • Hardware, back office system & platform vendor neutral


    • The Integration Layer
      The Integration Layer is responsible for managing all activities associated with the interaction of BankWorld with single or multiple back-office systems. Two main activities include authorisation of requests against the back-office and data synchronisation.
    • The Authentication Manager
      The authentication manager enables banks to parameter the level of security of accessing banking services at every point of customer contact. By managing channels in unison, banks reinforce the security by enabling authentication processes across multiple channels.
    • The Back-Office Integration Server, BOIS
      To enable integration, a component needs to be developed which typically converts messages to the format used by the Back Office system. CR2 refers to this component as a BOIS (Back Office Integration Service).
    • Gateways
      Several XML gateways enable banks to connect their existing channels such as Call Centre or IVR to the channel manager. This way, staff in the call centre also benefit from a single view of the customer activity.
    • The Channel Manager
      The Channel Manager brings together the banks business functionality and the management of the self-service channels into a single place.

The right product, at the right time, in the right place

Omnichannel banking means changing the way banks manage and use customer data, creating a single centralised view of the customer, enabling sophisticated analytics and segmentation, and the delivery of closely targeted offers. This 360 degree view of customer activities comes with several benefits. With all channels being managed seamlessly together, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities can be quickly realised by presenting customers with just the right product, at just the right time. By enhancing customer experience and providing personalised interaction, banks have a proven mechanism to improve their customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Reduced costs

Selecting BankWorld as a single platform to manage all of your self-service channels means greatly reducing your costs. Giving your team the power to manage and take control over your self-service channels, to rapidly launch new products, and to have complete control over user experience design, all contribute to these cost savings. Importantly, BankWorld works independently of the underlying core banking system, meaning that it can be integrated with any existing solution without the need for expensive and time-consuming migration. BankWorld has integrated with over 65 different systems including major core-banking brands and proprietary systems. At CR2, we strive to be your long term partner as you evolve your self-service offering.

Enhanced security

Fraud is a sensitive and expensive issue that can have a serious impact on your bank's customer retention and public image. The consistent customer view and the fraud prevention solutions created by BankWorld provide enhanced omnichannel security by building up a clear picture of customer transactions and preferences and tackling fraud at the earliest possible opportunity.

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BankWorld is an integrated omnichannel platform which includes plug and play ATM, card management, switch, internet banking, and mobile banking solutions. BankWorld can be delivered across all channels or individually on the channel or channels of your choice. The integration of BankWorld solutions can be performed as either a replacement for, or in front of, your existing channel solution.

ATM, Kiosk & Cards

Because one size does not fit all, taking advantage of an omnichannel strategy through the ATM/kiosk means offering the customised and personalised experience customers increasingly demand. With BankWorld ATM, the ATM device is empowered with intelligent capabilities to identify a customer and their lifestyle and deliver the right mix of products, services and look and feel that will meet the customer’s expectations. By building a complete file of customer behaviours and preferences across channels, appropriate products and services can quickly and simply be launched directly to the ATM/kiosk. Customers can then instantly accept these offers which generates new revenue and reduces operational cost through automation.  BankWorld ATM includes a range of innovative products and services that enable your business and technical team to fully use your existing ATM network while generating revenue on self-service channels. Find out more

Internet Banking

BankWorld Internet is an intuitive, modern and fully responsive online application with advanced services that meet your retail customers and SMEs needs. Being omnichannel in its nature, BankWorld Internet works in conjunction with other self-service channels such as the ATM and mobile, offering the customer a consistent view of their finances with the ability to initiate a transaction on the internet and complete it on another channel. Find out more

Mobile Banking

Mobile has the potential to become today's primary banking channel, having proven itself to be the most personal yet. Thinking mobile first requires adopting an omnichannel approach which deals with multiple devices and mobile modes. BankWorld Mobile platform already manages mobile banking across any type of mobile technology: SMS, App, USSD and any device. BankWorld Mobile’s simplified architecture allows you to keep up to date with customer preferences and provide them with services they need. Furthermore, BankWorld Mobile can undertake innovative transactions in tandem with any other channel. Find out more