Get creative with your self-service channels using intuitive and powerful BankWorld design tools!

CR2 has developed a suite of design products to empower your business staff to increase customer product ratio. Designing campaigns, launching new products and tailoring each channel to individual customers is easily achieved without advanced technical skills.

Studio is CR2’s powerful tool which allows a bank’s own staff to design and deploy branding, campaigns and products to the self-service channels, Along with BankWorld ATM, Studio has also been given a complete redesign to meet these sophisticated standards set. Importantly, Studio is empowered with a modern interface using CSS3 cascading style sheets and HTML5 features in addition to including visually striking and convenient video capabilities such as live teller assistance. With all of these elements, BankWorld ATM 5 and Studio combine to truly increase the service-oriented focus of banks and actively enhance the user experience of customers.

With BankWorld ATM 5 and Studio, we are presenting an offering which is truly differentiated in the market. By enhancing end user experience through improved ease of use, customer service centre integration and highly configurable branding, bank customers will get the convenience and personalisation at the ATM which they demand, along with a simple, intuitive usability. Through enhanced campaigns and branding, BankWorld ATM 5 and Studio combine to give banks the customer reach, consistency, branding capabilities and power to quickly update campaigns which will keep them one step ahead of the competition.

Some of the advanced features available through BankWorld Studio include:

  • A modern UX front end which uses enticing animation and graphical effects
  • Navigation through screen swiping, carousel screens and many other user friendly actions
  • Provides customers with a similar look and feel to their own personal technology devices
  • An advanced interface using CSS3 cascading style sheets and HTML5 features convenient video capabilities such as live teller assistance

 The design suite includes:

  • Benefits
    • Powerful segmentation capabilities
    • Detailed analysis of customer data
    • Personalised product offerings
    • Cost effective process
    • Time effective process
    • Omnichannel orientated


A New Customer Experience at the ATM, CR2 at Finovate Fall 2013

Unveiled at Finovate New York, CR2 brings an innovative perspective to the ATM channel through a never seen before touch screen interface inspired by kiosk and mobile practices.