Campaign Design

BankWorld ATM Smart Sales Campaigning allows you to move beyond a one size fits all approach and offer customers a truly personalised banking experience on every channel!

Using innovative BankWorld campaign management modules - you can create and quickly roll out unique campaigns and offers across all segments.

How are Campaigns Created?

A campaign is created utilising a host of solutions in the CR2 portfolio to include - BankWorld Channel Manager, BankWorld Bank Instructions, and BankWorld Studio. It is then delivered to selected ATMs using BankWorld Distributor - a campaign will display an eye-catching advertisement or button tailored to the relevant offer. The customer has the option to accept the offer at the ATM which automates a delivery process and display of a further offer.

Get Smart on Your Customer

BankWorld Business Intelligence is an intuitive tool that facilitates in depth analysis of your customer base information. The solution supports structuring the data into meaningful information to enable segmentation and profiling of clients.

Measure Your Campaign Results

Using the BankWorld Business Intelligence you are also empowered to analyse the results of your campaigns. Rich data reports focusing on offer acceptance, customer segment and behaviour can be easily generated.