Product Design

Any product or service on any channel - from ‘concept’ to ‘live’ in a few minutes! Find out how BankWorld Product Factory help.

BankWorld Product Factory allows a bank to deploy a new product or service from its portfolio with some very simple tools and have them deployed effortlessly on their self-service channels.

With the BankWorld Product Factory, a bank is able to create their own services called ‘bank instructions’ (BI’s) to supplement their products and services. These can cover a wide range of options including forms for submission, requests, simple transactions. They can be easily routed through the bank infrastructure for servicing. 

Features of the BankWorld Product Factory:

Routing of Requests

  • Straight through processing: BI's can be routed directly via the back-office integration layer to an automated system for fulfilment. 
  • Personal banker: Bank instructions can be routed to a nominated personal banker to handle or approve on behalf of the customer.
  • User Group: Where a service request is handled by a group of people, for example a call centre or loans department, the request can be routed to a particular group.

GUI Tools

  • There is an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) tool for the administrator to set up BI's and authorize them for the various channels.
  • The tool can be used to define the default routing of the submitted BI's, for example to a person to review or directly to an automated process to complete. 
  • The data types, description and mandatory status are all defined. 
  • The BI may be marked for notification, so that the recipient is automatically notified if any of that BI is received. This can be used for important/urgent BI's.
  • The BI may be marked as requiring approval so it is routed to an approver first.

Secure and Audited

  • All BI's submitted are audited by the system so that the submitter and details can be retrieved later if required. As they are part of the normal BankWorld processing they share the same security features.
  • Using roles and permissions - the BI's are only available to assigned users.

Multiple Channels

  • Internet: Users can submit BI's and also review the status of ones they have previously submitted. They can also have correspondence attached to them if appropriate. Fields can have pre-populated values such as ‘select account’ to help submit forms.
  • ATM and Kiosk: Users can submit BI's from the ATM in the same way as other ATM/kiosk services are accessed.
  • Mobile: BI's are also available on this channel either via connected mobile or SMS-based mobiles.

Correspondence on BI

Some bank instructions may be deployed as part of a larger process, for example in the case of a request for a loan, any ongoing correspondence may be attached to these BI's.

Development Tools

  • GUI for the definition of the BI's and routing
  • BankWorld ATM Studio has support for inserting BI's into ATM/kiosk branding