ATM Management System

Lead the evolution of the ATM and kiosk with BankWorld.

CR2 has designed a complete suite of solutions which allows you to offer advanced ATM and kiosk services that exceed customers' expectations.

ATM Management

The ATM is constantly evolving. From the original green screens to today's dynamic Windows-based applications, their capabilities are expanding almost daily. Yet today, a one-size offering is often proposed to customers when it comes to their banking transactions. Isn't it time for ATMs to push the boundaries and take their place as an essential part of any bank's relationship with customers?

CR2 has designed a complete suite of solutions allows banks to offer the advanced ATM services that exceed customers' expectations. Whether your bank wishes to differentiate itself from the competition by launching unique products and services swiftly, reduce costs by managing ATM networks efficiently, or generate new revenue and acquire customers at the ATM, CR2 has the right solution.


BankWorld is CR2's proven self-service platform. It allows banks to not only design unique products and services in-house, but also to tailor their offerings to individual customer segments, delivering personalised campaigns at the ATM or entire self-service channel.


Sparrow offers a dynamic off the shelf solution for banks seeking to run their ATM and POS networks efficiently. This established solution offers rapid processing of ATM transactions and is compliant with the latest industry standards.


CR2 also offers a complete switching solution for banks and central banks who would like to process transactions on behalf of others. BankWorld Switch efficiently and quickly routes ATM, POS and card transactions to the appropriate network and works in compliance with the latest industry standards.

  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Instant product acceptance
    • Swift new product delivery
    • Multi-channel fraud protection
    • In-house screen design
    • Increased customer product ratio 
    • Greater segmenting and personalisation capabilities
    • Instant product acceptance
    • Instant account opening
    • Person to person mobile payments
    • Personalised domestic or international transfers
    • Card to card transfers
    • Bill presentment and payment
    • Prepaid cards recharge
    • Mobile top-up
    • Camera security
    • Service registration
    • PIN change
    • Personalised messages
    • Consolidated view of all accounts


BankWorld ATM

ATM Client

BankWorld ATM Client is a unique application which sits on the ATM hardware and empowers your entire ATM network. By controlling the physical devices of the ATM, BankWorld ATM Client offers your bank the capacity to truly differenciate itself from the competition by delivering tailored products and services to individuals. Yet another advantage is the ability for BankWorld ATM Client to recognise an individual customer as so much more than just a number, allowing for segmentation to be applied and additional revenue to be generated.

ATM Custodian

BankWorld ATM Custodian is a dynamic CR2 solution that assists ATM custodians, located in the bank's branches, with the smooth running of the ATMs under their control.

BankWorld ATM Custodian provides up-to-date information on an ATM's cash levels and consumables (such as envelopes and printer rolls), and reports any device faults that are impacting the operation of the ATM. This allows banks to reduce the time it takes staff member to retrieve information as they would previously have needed to visit the physical ATM.

ATM Monitoring

With BankWorld, monitoring your entire ATM network has never been easier. CR2’s solution allows you to monitor and administer an ATM network from a a single central location. This dynamic tool has a graphical user interface that provides ATM operations staff with complete visibility of the bank’s entire ATM network.

At a glance view of the ATM network
Graphical icons are used to provide an “at a glance” view of real-time status information from the ATM network. The tool can run in unattended mode where it will cycle through all of the ATM network regions, making it ideal for large screen displays in the bank’s operation centre.

Different views for ease of management
BankWorld ATM Manager provides an operator with complete visibility of the bank’s ATM network via a selection of views. An operator can choose a view of the ATM Communications Status, ATM Operational Status or a merged view allowing the operator to see the communications and operational status on one screen.


BankWorld Kiosk

Historically, banks have tended to roll out kiosks as a stand-alone channel disconnected from the rest of their self-service network, but BankWorld Kiosk is different. With BankWorld, the kiosk is seamlessly integrated with your other self-service channels enabling you to give your customers a consistent user experience on every touch point. Customers are recognised across all channels allowing you to offer a tailored and unique banking experience for different customer types.

A versatile channel, a powerful solution

With BankWorld Kiosk you have the capability to offer a personalised look and feel, graphic focus and language, to customers and non-customers alike. This dynamic segmentation provides the opportunity to identify and serve each customer as an individual with specific needs and wants. With BankWorld, you can then decide which unique set of products to sell to which customers and provide competitive offerings to not-on-us anonymous customers.

BankWorld Kiosk makes delivering first class services on kiosks easy. With its dynamic operational and design tools, your marketing team can quickly and easily design new screens, products and services using a simple drag and drop process, then roll them out to either selected kiosks or the entire network. On top of this, you can also change the product offerings of a kiosk on your network depending on any criteria you choose such as need, location, or day of the week. For example, you could enable mobile top-up in shopping centres, loan applications at the branch or rent or school fee payments on university campuses, allowing customers to bank their way.

Cutting-edge services for customer and non-customers

BankWorld Kiosk is a powerful, integrated channel which can easily be deployed anywhere and used for any number of innovative services depending on your banks need. It is an intelligent hybrid system which has built-in support for devices as well as providing card authentication and statement printing. Your customers can avail of personalised payments, card on/off, instant account opening, Money Voucher, P2P payments and domestic and international remittance, all from this versatile and convenient machine. Non-customers can also access user-friendly banking services including bill payment, domestic remittance, Money Voucher and so much more.

Stream revenue

BankWorld Kiosk represents countless ways to drive new revenues on your kiosk channel. With its progressive segmenting and targeting capabilities, BankWorld enables you to send targeted and relevant product and service offers to specific customer profiles. Powerful cross-selling and up-selling tools will lead to more effective marketing campaigns and an increased product-per-customer ratio. BankWorld enables you to roll-out actionable advertisements, pre-approved offers and automated and instant product acceptance, increasing offer uptake and allowing you to get instant results from your marketing activities.

Access new customers effortlessly

BankWorld Kiosk is easily accessible to members of the general public, creating an additional source of revenue for your bank through fees and charges while also creating greater brand awareness for your bank. BankWorld’s cutting-edge services such as Money Voucher bill payment and mobile top-up allow both customers and non-customers to send money to anyone from your kiosks. This will then create a viral effect and enable your bank to auto-acquire new customers simply. In addition, Kiosks can be easily deployed in remote areas, increasing your customer reach and opening your bank up to new customer segments. 

State-of-the-art touch screen navigation

BankWorld Kiosk has an exceptional user-friendly interface which uses touch screen technology for easy navigation. Screens can be designed in line with your bank’s existing branding ensuring customers feel immediately comfortable on the new channel and maintaining consistency through every point of contact. BankWorld Kiosk uses features from the ATM or Internet channel depending on the look, feel and functionality required, it's all up to you. For example, your bank could use internet features on kiosks in the branch to introduce less tech-savvy customers to internet banking in a safe and secure setting, increasing internet banking adoption as a result. With BankWorld Kiosk, you are no longer confined to 8 buttons of services, allowing you to take full advantage of all screen space and provide first class, intuitive customer experience.

Seamless channel integration

BankWorld Kiosk is seamlessly integrated with your other self-service channels through the BankWorld platform. Your bank staff can remotely manage your entire self-service network from a centralised location, allowing for greater control and management of all your channels. This provides staff with an invaluable 360 degree view of each customer’s interaction with the bank across channels. This truly omnichannel facilitates a consistent look and feel across your self-service network and provides a flawless user experience for your customers.