Sparrow shows its scalability and robustness to manage ATM networks time and time again.

The retail banking industry has been undergoing a change in recent years. Customers are turning more and more toward the self-service channels to manage their finances and as a result, they are demanding advanced functionality on the ATM. It is becoming increasingly evident that banks who manage to transform their ATMs from simple cash dispensing machines into a powerful multimedia channel are the ones that will thrive in the future.

Sparrow 8 is CR2’s latest release of our leading UNIX-based ATM and POS transaction management system. It is an impressive ATM, POS and debit card management system complete with routing and stand-in processing capabilities. Sparrow offers you a complete out-of-the-box solution that will issue debit cards as well as capably running small to medium sized networks of ATM and POS terminals.

With Sparrow, you can offer customers the advanced services they desire on the electronic channels including mobile top-up and bill payment. Sparrow’s reliability, ease of use, rapid time-to-market and wide range of features has made it the solution of choice in over 50 countries worldwide. 

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  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Increased ATM uptime
    • Revenue generated products and services
    • High security
    • Reduce time to market
    • Vendor Independent
    • Advantageous Licence Model
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Cash Deposit
    • Balance
    • Transfer
    • Bill payment
    • Mobile top up
    • Cheque Deposit
    • Envelop Deposit
    • FX Cash withdrawal
    • PIN change
    • Wide range of services for non-customers
Improved customer convenience

Sparrow is synonomous with convenience. It provides your customers with 24/7 access to their finances on the ATM and POS channels, opening up a whole new world of accessibility. Dissatisfaction among customers is often caused by technical failures within a bank’s core banking system, but with Sparrow, your ATMs can continue to dispense cash even if communication with the host is lost. 

Increased revenue generation opportunities

Users of Sparrow have been able to transform their electronic channels from simple transaction processing into lucrative profit centres. Sparrow supports on-us and not-on-us transaction fees, disloyalty fees and currency conversion fees as well as allowing you to apply fees to a range of different card types from all major card networks. Sparrow can further enhance revenue generation on the self-service channels by creating cross-selling opportunities through on-screen ATM advertisements, keeping your customers informed of the latest offers from your bank or partners. 

Reduce operational costs

CR2’s clients have realised major cost-savings by migrating their customers to the self-service channels. With Sparrow, your bank will see a reduction in the amount of customers that need to physically visit the branch to manage their finances, thus reducing the load on branch staff and allowing tellers to take on an increasingly sales-focused role. Sparrow enables your bank staff to take control of the self-service channels, greatly increasing their productivity and eliminates the need for intervention by third party vendors. 

Optimum security

As well as having to satisfy the increasing demand for enhanced electronic services, banks must also continue to ensure the security and authenticity of electronic transactions. Sparrow is EMV acquiring and issuing compliant, providing optimum security for your customers as a PIN is required from the cardholder to complete transactions. Sparrow is also triple DES compliant, meaning that your bank and your customers are fully protected from fraud and ensuring that your bank complies with the industry wide mandate and thus avoids penalties. 

ATMscreen _nadia _12feb
Off-the-shelf solution

Sparrow offers a complete off the shelf ATM and POS solution that can be easily integrated with your bank’s existing IT infrastructure. With Sparrow your bank can issue debit cards, stand-in processing and transaction routing to national and international networks such as VISA and MasterCard. Our latest release, Sparrow 8, has consolidated the key features of previous versions and the major enhancements and customisations requested by clients over the years, into one comprehensive release. This can result in long-term cost-savings for your bank as the porting of specific enhancements for future upgrades and versions should be greatly minimised.

Reduced time to market

One of the unique features of Sparrow is its ability to be easily and quickly installed and configured. Sparrow 8, using our proprietary host message specification, has connections to all of the major back-office host vendors including Misys BankMaster, Temenos T24 and Oracle Flexcube. This significantly reduces the project risk level and time to market for your bank can be greatly reduced as specific development can be avoided.

Ease of use

Sparrow 8 improves on the simplicity of Sparrow’s UNIX-based command line interface by adding additional graphical user interfaces to enable enhanced visual monitoring and control. Sparrow works with CR2’s vendor-independent ATM terminal application, BankWorld ATM Client, to provide customers with a more visually appealing ATM interface and improved ATM services such as mobile top-up, bill payment and cash acceptance.