BankWorld ATM support modules ensure maximum network up-time and gives you peace of mind that your ATM channel is in safe hands.

Your staff are empowered to remotely diagnose and resolve issues related to the ATM hardware, operating system, vendor middleware, and other third party software from the comfort of their desks!

At CR2, we understand the importance of ensuring your ATM network is supported and that your customers can enjoy peace of mind banking. Our tools allow you to generate maximum revenue, facilitate easy management of your ATM network and to ensure the ATMs popularity as a primary banking channel is maintained for your bank. BankWorld ATM Support modules comprise of :

  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Operational efficiency
    • Swift issue diagnosis
    • Maximised ATM up-time
    • Accelerated troubleshooting
    • Increased effectiveness of IT staff
  • Data retrieval

    • Retrieval of electronic journals
    • Retrieval of diagnostic information
    • Review of event logs

    Hardware and software examination

    • Review of full memory usage and process lists
    • Examination of device drivers 

    Problem resolution

    • Remote ATM re-boot capabilities
    • Download of packages facilitated
    • Reconfigure of settings enabled

    ATM status checks

    • Revision of operator panel
    • View of front screen
    • Regular complete device health status checks