BankWorld ATM Camera Support offers complete control of the ATM camera, in addition to management and storage of photographic data.

The solution is a module within BankWorld ATM Client that supports the operation of surveillance cameras on the ATM.

BankWorld ATM Camera Support offers administrators, custodians and your branch staff a photographic checkpoint for dispute investigation and resolution.

Photographs captured at the ATM provide visual evidence of each individual transaction and are stored along with other transactional data such as date, time and account number.

A picture of a person’s face can help you establish if a user is a legitimate cardholder or unknown individual. A picture of a person’s hands actually receiving the cash will confirm if the ATM successfully dispensed the cash.

Dispute resolution made simple

BankWorld ATM Camera Support allows your staff to capture and access photos of customer transactions at the ATM from an easy-to-manage image archive. 
The archive provides visual proof of who used the card and whether they  withdrew or deposited cash on a given date and time.

Extended capabilities

BankWorld ATM Camera Support capabilities extends to each ATM on your network. Images can be retrieved when needed and can help resolve customer disputes in relation to ATM usage via:

  • Multiple camera management
  • Multiple shots per session
  • File naming system configuration
  • Image storage
  • Image retrieval
Finextra Interview, Sibos 2014

Finextra interviews Lance Gourlay, Director Corporate Accounts, CR2 during Sibos, 30th September 2014