BankWorld Distributor empowers your IT staff to easily manage your ATM network from one central location.

BankWorld ATM Distributor allows software and brand dispatching to be easily managed via scheduling to selected ATMs, in addition to easily facilitating the periodic collection of electronic journals.

Sending staff to ATM sites to carry out operational tasks can be expensive and time-consuming. Every task that BankWorld ATM Distributor performs, allows you to centrally manage your ATM network and contribute to significantly reducing call outs. Hundreds of ATMs can be updated in parallel from a central location.

  • Features
    • Packager Tool
    • Data Retrieval
    • User Administration
    • File-Set Wizard
    • File Compression
    • Scheduler
    • Data Encryption
    • ATM Group Administration
Collection of electronic journals

With BankWorld ATM Distributor, electronic journals can be collected from every ATM on your network during the overnight off peak hours and stored on a central server. If banking regulations allow, you can turn off the paper journal on an ATM and use its electronic journal exclusively. 

Branding and advertising publication

Most of your customer interaction occurs on the ATM channel, so the ability to manage branding and advertising on an ATM network is crucially important. A group of ATMs can be upgraded to display new branding, an advertisement, a promotional offer or a new service simply by uploading a secure branding package.

Security and fraud prevention

BankWorld ATM Distributor works with BankWorld Camera Support to enable you to collect photos from your ATMs for storage in a centralised location. Your security team will be better geared to investigate ATM fraud and to respond to incidents in a timely manner.


Diagnostic information from an ATM is often required by the CR2 Customer Support to investigate any problem reported with an ATM. BankWorld ATM Distributor allows your IT staff to easily collect diagnostic log files from any ATM for analysis by our Customer Support Team for swift resolution.

Software patching

BankWorld ATM Distributor allows you to send a software update to any ATM in your network and to determine the date and time when the update will be applied. This ensures that ATM software is updated at a time that causes the least inconvenience to your customers.