Complete visibility of your ATM network ensures maximum up-time. Find out how CR2 can help.

BankWorld ATM Manager is CR2's solution for monitoring and administering your ATM network from a central location.

BankWorld ATM Manager includes several predefined views for complete visibility of your ATM network.

Dashboard view of the ATM network

Graphical icons are used to provide an overall dashboard-like view of real-time status information from the ATM network. The tool can run in unattended mode where it will cycle through each of the network regions.

Different views for ease of management

Using BankWorld ATM Manager, an operator can choose to analyse the network as follows:

  • Group View: The operator can organise ATMs into groups such as ATM manufacturer, branch, high risk locations or whatever criteria is appropriate for the bank's business.
  • Regional View: The regional view allows ATMs to be organised by geographical location. This enables the operator to have visibility of all ATMs in a particular area, to see which regions are fully operational and which have ATMs that are currently closed.
  • Map View: The regional view can be displayed with a map in the background. ATMs can be moved on the map using drag and drop operations.
  • Detailed View: An operator can see detailed information on an individual ATM, including its name and location, communication and operational status and any faults that it may report.
  • Graph View: The graph view shows the ATM network status in the form of a pie chart. This is a quick and easy way to determine how many ATMs are in each predefined state as a proportion of the network.
  • Reporting: An operator can view uptime reports for an ATM that shows its availability over the past 24 hours. Reports can be tailored to reflect an individual ATM or a group of ATMs.
Fault diagnosis

With BankWorld ATM Manager, an operator can diagnose faults at an ATM and take action to resolve them.

  • Device & Media Status: The operator can get a complete list of devices on each ATM and their operational status. The status of consumables (i.e. cash, receipt paper) is also available for each ATM.
  • Diagnostic Tools: The operator can run diagnostic tools on an ATM to identify a fault.
  • Visual Alerts: The operator can set up visual alerts on BankWorld ATM Manager that are triggered when an ATM’s operational or communication state changes.
  • ATM Services: The operator can test services offered on the ATM for a particular card. This allows bank staff to determine if customers with a particular card type are experiencing problems using the ATM.
Remote administration

With BankWorld ATM Manager, an operator can open or close ATMs, bring them online or offline, in groups or one at a time. The tool is a highly efficient solution for centrally administering the ATMs on a banks network.