Far more than a management system, enhance your customers day to day self-service transactions with BankWorld.

At CR2 we have developed a range of innovative and effective solutions to revolutionise the way your bank deals with day to day customer transactions. From Switch solutions to Card and POS services, we provide the answer to all of your transaction challenges.

A powerful switching solution

At CR2, we provide a payment switching solution that consistently exceeds expectations. Our BankWorld solution enables financial institutions to transmit ATM and POS transactions in real-time between issuing and acquiring banks, but goes beyond this, most importantly opening up opportunities for a switch to incorporate mobile and internet transactions as well as deploying value-added services across all channels. 


CR2 provides proven services ranging from the CardWorld Card Management suite to pre-paid and decoupled cards and innovative new anti-card fraud features such as one-time SMS passwords, card on/off control and transaction notifications.


BankWorld POS enables banks to acquire transactions from merchant POS terminals and route these transactions to the appropriate card network such as VISA™ or MasterCard™ as well as perform settlement and reconciliation.