CardWorld is a flexible card management solution for issuing and acquiring local and international debit and prepaid cards, as well as prevention of fraud.

Today’s banking customers increasingly use the plastic cards in their wallets as their payment and withdrawal method-of-choice. Take full advantage of this trend with CardWorld's diverse range of card solutions which offers a single invaluable view of these transactions and cards. CR2 provides proven services ranging from debit card management to prepaid and decoupled cards and innovative new anti-card fraud features such as one-time SMS passwords, card on/off control and transaction notifications.

Issuing, acquiring & producing cards

CR2’s CardWorld deals with the challenge of providing private and branded cards, both magnetic and EMV, and reconciling their information. By providing a single platform for complete end-to-end card payment, management and processing as well as facilitating issuing and acquiring, CardWorld makes it simple. Also by featuring CardWorld Producer, a powerful card personalisation system, you can fully control your entire card production process to issue cards on the spot to customers.

  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Rapid return on investment
    • Sophisticated fee policy
    • New revenue opportunity: choice of card design, new functionality...
    • Wide range of cards: debit, prepaid, decoupled…
    • Wide range of brands: private, national, international
    • Fraud prevention: EMV card issuing and acquiring, real-time alerts
    • Acquiring
    • Issuing
    • Card producer
    • Card reporting and auditing
    • Real time alerts
    • Cross-border capabilities
    • Quick routing and settlement
    • Multi-lingual
    • Multi-institution
    • Multi-product
    • Multi-currency
    • EMV compliant
    • Integrated with BankWorld
    • Bulk Card Production
    • Wide Printer/Embosser Support
    • PIN Mail Distribution Support
    • Chip Data Personalisation
    • Card and PIN Envelope Design
    • User Security Administration
Prepaid cards

Convenience is key as demand for card solutions continues to grow. BankWorld Prepaid card suite enables you to offer convenient new services to corporate, retail and government customers. Prepaid cards such as travel and petrol cards are reloadable through all BankWorld self-service banking channels ranging from cash acceptors at ATMs to BankWorld Internet fund transfers. Prepaid cards allow you to generate revenue through fees and can also provide a new source of large groups of employed account holders for you to target with offers.

Enhanced security and anti-fraud

Card fraud is a sensitive and expensive issue which can have a serious impact on your customer retention and public image. CR2 tackles this issue with CardWorld FraudTrap, a real-time monitoring system that enables you to identify and prevent fraud at its earliest possible moment. You can also define rules and check for fraudulent activity in more sophisticated transaction patterns. Because safety doesn’t happen by accident, CR2 goes even further to keep your customers secure by offering one time passwords, card on/off control, decoupled cards and transaction notifications.