Card Acquiring

Open up lucrative revenue opportunities by enabling Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and other local cards owners to use your ATM and POS network.

CardWorld Acquirer offers acquiring banks a complete solution for settlement and reconciliation with international card schemes.


CardWorld Acquirer allows merchants to acquire transactions in any currency or currencies and also allows acquiring banks to settle with card schemes in any or multiple currencies.  

Merchant Settlement 

As well as settling with the card schemes the bank is easily able to settle with the merchants and produce merchant settlement files and reports.  

Minimise Interchange Fees 

The system automatically requests the cheapest interchange rate available for MasterCard transactions.


The bank can generate a rich set of internal reports to help them easily and efficiently manage the business.  The system has a relational database from which more reports can be exported if the bank requires this.

Easy to Administer  

CardWorld Acquirer has simple GUIs (Graphical User Interface) for the administrators to do all the key management tasks.  


In normal processing CardWorld Acquirer automates the daily tasks of processing the settlement files sent between the bank and the card scheme. The settlement processes can be automated on settlement schedules such as weekly or monthly.  

  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Merchant revenues
    • Merchant acquisition
    • GUI-based, easy to use
    • STP
    • Low cost deployment
    • Extended Card Schemes
    • Charge Back
    • Arbitration
    • Settlement
    • Reconciliation
    • Fee Calculation
    • Multi-currency
    • Reports
    • Export to SWIFT file
    • Administration
    • Major File Formats supported: IPM, II, CTF...
CR2's BankWorld Instant Cash Send at Finovate Fall 2014

CR2 demonstrating the BankWorld Cash Send application at Finovate Fall 2014. Cash Send is a truly omnichannel product recently deployed by us which allows people to instantly send cash to any individual from a mobile app.