Card Issuing

Increase customer satisfaction by issuing debit and prepaid cards on the spot

CardWorld Issuing solution enables your management of local or international debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International, AMEX as well as prepaid cards.

Providing fast and convenient access to banking services also means being able to provide your customers with a new card as soon as they need it. CardWorld Issuing allows your bank to take ownership of card production, resulting in both noticable cost reduction and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our solution enables your authorised staff to manage an account, create a card, set up the rules and rights, manage limits and issue a ready-to-use card to customers simply, in just few minutes.

Associated with an instant printer such as Datacard, a long term CR2 partner, provides you the flexibility to not only print the card, but also to personalise it to each individual customer segment.

A variety of cards can be issued using Cardworld Issuer including local cards, international cards and prepaid cards, which can be topped up on self-service channels by customers themselves. Our solution also has dynamic multilingual and multi-currency capabilities.


  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Fast time to market (instant issuing)
    • Revenue generation (card products &  fees)
    • Cost reduction (no mail)
    • Reduce fraud (alert system)
    • Account  Management
    • Core Issuer System
    • Card Management System
    • PIN Verification
    • Transaction Limit Verification
    • Visa, MasterCard, UPI, Diners Club International, AMEX
    • Debit & Prepaid cards
    • Clearing & Settlement
    • Card Networks
    • Report statements
    • Credit Scoring
    • Exchange rates
    • payment settlement
    • Card production
    • Multi-Currency
    • Multi-Lingual