POS Software

The convenience of paying for goods by card rather than cash has led to the wide spread popularity of POS terminals.

Globally, the adoption rate for POS devices is rising as customers become more and more accustomed to the convenience and payment flexibility that debit and credit cards provide. BankWorld POS goes beyond accepting payment on POS with advanced services which can be fully integrated within your omnichannel architecture.

BankWorld POS enables your bank to acquire transactions from merchant POS terminals and route these to the appropriate card network such as VISA™, MasterCard™ and Union Pay International™ as well as perform settlement and reconciliation. Our POS Software solution has extensive merchant management functionality and can provide a web-based portal for merchants to review and monitor transactions.



  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Benefits to the Bank

    • Increased profit through multi-currency acquiring
    • Increased Security: EMV, 3DES
    • Customer acquisition via agency banking

    Merchant Benefits

    • Reduced cash management costs
    • Instant access to account information
    • Quick product rollout such as agency banking services

    Card Holder Benefits

    • Convenience
    • Payment in local currency possible when abroad
    • Access to agency banking network
    • Integrated POS / merchant acquiring system
    • Transaction switching to appropriate card network
    • Fund settlement
    • Reconciliation
    • EMV & Triple DES compliance
    • Management & reporting tools
    • Multi-currency
    • Merchant interface
    • Agency banking
Advanced functionalities

The solution allows you to meet customer expectations for a high quality interaction and experience. BankWorld POS ensures customer retention via innovative services such as cash and cheque deposit on the POS terminal, bill payment, refund, agency banking services and so much more.

POS Software Compliance

BankWorld POS provides banks with a merchant-acquiring solution that is fully EMV and triple DES compliant as per industry wide mandates. These comprehensive security tools allow your bank to tackle risk exposure and gain end-to-end fraud protection.

Multi-currency processing

Customers are provided with the ability to carry out transactions in a more personalised manner, having the opportunity to select the currency that they are most comfortable with such as their home currency when abroad.

Teller solution

BankWorld POS provides a teller solution to support agency banking services in geographies where a traditional banking infrastructure may be lacking. The solution makes the channel work for your bank and is particularly effective in this regard in terms of reaching out to typically underbanked and unbanked populations.

Reporting and monitoring

Our POS Software solution allows your staff to monitor each POS device in your network and even empowers them to remotely take a device offline and have it turned back online from a centralised location. Detailed reports with information on transaction values, volumes and even failed transactions can also be generated.

Hardware choice

BankWorld POS can be integrated to any POS terminal manufactured device, including even portable devices. CR2's lengthy experience with a handful of vendors such as Hypercom, VeriFone and Ingenico for example is testament to the solution's flexibility. Your bank can have peace of mind that the solution is something that offers a straightforward integration.