A next generation switching solution to quickly and accurately route local and international transactions.

CR2 offers an advanced switching solution for organisations who wish to process transactions on behalf of others. Switch efficiently and quickly route ATM, POS and card transactions to the appropriate network while adhering to the latest industry standards with BankWorld ATM Switch.

As more and more transactions are now carried out on self-service channels, organisations continue to look for new ways to extend their offering and enhance their switching system. BankWorld Switch is CR2’s high performance card and ATM real-time switching and routing solution. It quickly identifies and routes payment transactions to the appropriate issuing network, gaining authorisation from the issuer and sending back a response to the device source where the payment has been made. Our ATM Switch solution supports a wide variety of payments including cards, ATM and POS, as well as mobile, internet and kiosk banking transactions.

BankWorld Switch is a next generation solution and is highly scalable, with the capability of processing an unlimited number of transactions and devices. Also, with BankWorld Switch, this volume and speed do not mean compromising on reliability. Our solutions' high volume per second processing capability ensures you have a robust, capable and expandable solution which is always available and will grow with you.

Most importantly, BankWorld Switch is an integrated platform which opens up opportunities for a switch to incorporate mobile and internet transactions as well as deploying value-added services across all channels. 


  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Technology
    • Multichannel capability
    • Revenue generated products and services
    • High security
    • Reduce time to market
    • Vendor Independent
    • Advantageous Licence Model
    • Enhanced security
    • Real-time processing
    • Multichannel capability
    • EMV, PCI-DSS Compliant
    • Unlimited volume handling
    • Powerful transaction routing platform
    • One single platform to process all payments
    • Seamless integration to one or several back-office systems
  • BankWorld switch is composed of five primary components –

    • Database
    • Processing layer
    • The external network interfaces
    • Reporting
    • Operational, Monitoring, Configuration and Diagnostic user interfaces
    BankWorld Switch Database

    All components of BankWorld including BankWorld Switch use an Oracle 10g Relational Database Management System for operational, configuration and audit data services. The Oracle database can be deployed on any hardware platform and operating system combination certified by Oracle for Oracle 10g.

    Processing Layer and External Network Interfaces

    The processing layer handles transactions in an internal format based on ISO8583, in order to process transactions in this format, the switch works closely with the external network interface components. Each external network interface represents a bank participating in the network or a partner switch. The interfaces contain configuration information which identifies the external party and their connection parameters, the interface also defines the messaging protocol used by the external party so that BankWorld is able to interpret messages in one external party format, processes those messages internally and forward to another external network interface component for formatting before transmitting to another external party.


    All activity within BankWorld Switch is recorded on the system database, this includes configuration, configuration changes, operator activity, interface status, interface statistics and requests and responses as soon as they are received.

    The BankWorld Oracle Database uses industry standard SQL meaning that any report writing skill set and tools in use within the Bank which are compliant with SQL can also be used with the BankWorld database.

    BankWorld reports have recently been ported to Crystal Reports which provides additional power in report presentation and provides the bank with the option of licensing Crystal Reports Developer to further customise these reports.

    Operational, Monitoring, Configuration and Diagnostic Interfaces

    BankWorld switch includes a full suite of operational, monitoring, configuration and diagnostic Microsoft Windows based GUIs. The GUIs work in conjunction with the switch to facilitate the banks business processes. The GUIs operate in realtime and do not require the switch to be stopped or suspended.

Real-time processing

Our solution manages the authorisation of payments, consolidating the information between acquiring and issuing banks and processing the payment. In the case of a payment network not being available, BankWorld Switch queues the transactions for stand-in authorisations. This allows fast processing of the transaction, ensuring your customers can complete their payments as fast as possible.

Beyond transactions routing

The power of BankWorld lies in its capability to provide advanced services and handle routing from numerous devices such as kiosk, mobile and internet payment. Our solution can also facilitate additional progressive services available on mobile and internet.

Internationally compliant

Our solution supports the world’s leading ATM and POS brands as well as all international schemes by Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay, and all card types including EMV and magnetic. BankWorld Switch is also multi-currency and PA-DSS compliant. 

BankWorld is interfaced to national and international switches and partner banks throughout the globe. BankWorld supports interfacing through all versions of ISO8583 and provides flexible interface definitions where various interpretations of the ISO8583 standard have been applied by partner organisations. 

At CR2, we have integrated our solutions with over 65 different core banking systems, in over 60 countries. 

Security & monitoring

BankWorld Switch works in conjunction with CR2’s transaction alert systems that detects any fraudulent activity before it ever gets approved. The solution is fully configurable to meet your bank’s rules and fraud prevention criteria.

Deployment model

BankWorld Switch can be used either as a replacement for your existing solution or plugged into your existing switch, providing next generation services.

Finextra Interview, Sibos 2014

Finextra interviews Lance Gourlay, Director Corporate Accounts, CR2 during Sibos, 30th September 2014