Internet Banking Software

BankWorld Internet allows you to treat each customer as an individual and not just another online transaction.

Banks are facing an ongoing challenge of offering more freedom to customers to perform transactions and manage their finances when and where they want. CR2 has designed BankWorld Internet with these criteria in mind.

BankWorld Internet is modern, responsive & intuitive!

BankWorld Internet Banking Software provides an interface that will engage your customer. We have designed a natural and useful internet banking experience that caters to the needs of every type of customer lifestyle and their expectations. Our Banking Solutions are touch screen optimised and compatible with any device which connects to the internet (laptop/mobile/tablet/connected TV). User experience is optimised for your customers via a highly flexible solution that adapts screen resolution, navigation menus and content to the given screen size. The solution offers a straightforward and attractive online banking experience for your customer that will become intrinsic to their lifestyle.

A personalised banking experience: the power of accuracy

BankWorld Internet is smart when it comes to making use of customer data and it can even analyse their behaviour to define segments. Customers are presented with the services that they need or want to use when they log in, having their homepage customised to suit their specific segment and propensity. Their entire experience is personalised and made relevant to the them in terms of the product mix, the services made available, and the look and feel - making online banking the experience it should be. Customers are also more effectively targeted with campaigns and promotions that are relevant to them, thus improving cross-sell opportunities and generating revenue for your bank. 

Innovative Banking Solutions: going beyond basic services

BankWorld Internet lets you differentiate your bank via unique internet Banking Solutions. Through investment in R&D, at CR2 we tailor our development priorities to meet anticipated market trends. BankWorld Internet Banking Software architecture is created using the best internet design and CR2 integration platform capabilities such as CSS3, HTML 5 and angular JS. With BankWorld Internet, you are offering truly innovative products and services to clients and facilitating simple management of online accounts. 

CR2 has designed off the shelf products and services that while initially may come as pleasant surprises to customers, will soon become an essential part of their daily routine. Examples would include instant loans for pre-approved customers, cash transfers redeemable via ATM or mobile, instant card on/off, unique bill presentment and payment capabilities, and more. BankWorld Internet also incorporates a host of personal financial management capabilities which customers can use within your banking application, without having to subscribe to any additional online providers.

For high net worth individuals, a personal banker mode is available via internet banking whereby an appointed relationship manager can undertake transactions on their behalf.

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  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Reduced risk of fraud
    • Future-ready platform
    • Tailored offerings
    • Responsive design
    • Modern user interface
    • Touch screen optimised
    • Consolidated view of all accounts
    • eStatements & search options
    • Domestic & international transfers
    • Bill payment & presentment
    • Click to call
    • Beneficiary creation
    • eStatement retrieval
    • Increase limits
    • Product acceptance
    • Omnichannel integration
    • Third party product selling
    • Electronic money voucher dispenser
    • Schedule future payments
    • New product or service subscription
    • Online user preferences
    • One click personalised payments
    • Activate/deactivate card
    • Increase/decrease limits
    • Card on/off
    • Prepaid card top up
Simplifying control of the internet channel 

We have designed an internet banking application that is straightforward for your team to take full ownership of. Once installed, regardless of existing IT infrastructure, your team will be mastering the internet channel with an intuitive user interface and a complete host of transactions and configuration capabilities. The solution allows you to address both business and operational strategy in a straightforward manner. With this solution, we have ensured it is simple to add new products, change menus, themes and segment views for the customer. With greater access to new technologies, our developers have truly leveraged the BankWorld platform to create an amazing internet banking application that can provide you with endless possibilities. 

Omnichannel harmony

Although BankWorld Internet can be installed as a unique solution, at CR2 we are firm believers in the omnichannel ethos. We place value on the fact that no channel is standalone, and we certainly do not underestimate the ever important role of mobile devices. Being omnichannel in its nature, BankWorld Internet works in conjunction with other self-service channels such as the ATM and mobile to let you provide products and services to your customers that may otherwise not be possible. The solution focuses on offering the customer a consistent view of their finances across all channels with the ability to initiate a transaction online and complete it on the ATM or on mobile. With the omnichannel architecture of the BankWorld platform, a range of truly convenient products and services can be launched in a matter of days.

It works with what you already have!

BankWorld simply plugs into your existing core banking system. Our robust track record of implementation to a single or multiple back office systems be it proprietary, or a solution from a core banking vendor, offers a seamless integration experience. We have plugged into more than 65 core banking systems. BankWorld Internet is also characterised by its ability to operate and maintain all transactions independently from the back office system, so customers can enjoy 24/7 online banking access even when the core banking system is unavailable.

Finextra Interview, Sibos 2014

Finextra interviews Lance Gourlay, Director Corporate Accounts, CR2 during Sibos, 30th September 2014