App for Smartphone & Tablet

Use of smartphones and tablets is more popular than ever. BankWorld App is CR2’s response to this global trend.

BankWorld App adapts to all types of devices and empowers customers to undertake transactions across their smartphones and tablet devices as if they were in a branch.

Banking at Your Customer's Fingertips

As your customers have less time to spend queuing at branches, BankWorld App ensures these customers can be reached effectively and that they can manage their accounts anywhere, anytime, and in fewer clicks!

User-Friendly Interface

BankWorld is mindful of customers' desire for a consistent banking experience across channels. To that end, BankWorld App can be branded consistently with your other channels ensuring a seamless and user friendly interface. Using powerful segmentation tools, BankWorld App can also provide a tailored experience for each customer.

Revenue Generation 

Beyond accurate segmentation capabilities and targeted product offerings, the solution ensures revenue generation can be achieved via effective cross-sell opportunities and actionable advertisements that can instantly be responded to. Customers are empowered to carry out multiple transactions on what is uniquely the lowest cost channel.

Optimum Security

BankWorld App promotes enhanced transaction security via features such as card on/off, one time passwords, and multiple authentication. What's more, the solution allows customers to view account information such as transaction history and balances offline with the use of a PIN. This information is automatically updated with an active internet connection. Login credentials are required to carry out transactions such as transfers and requests. Additionally, when BankWorld App recognises that a session has expired it will time out - protecting from fraud if a phone is lost or stolen. These features allow your customers to enjoy peace of mind banking.

Omnichannel Integration

Rather than rolling out a mobile app solution in a silo mode, BankWorld App allows for true integration with all other self-service channels. Your customers of today expect to manage their finances on whichever channel suits them best at a given moment, thus having a strong omnichannel offering is essential to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Instant product acceptance and processing
    • Offline services
    • Customisable per customer
    • Single solution for multiple mobile devices and operating systems
    • Savings on licencing fees
    • Multi-channel fraud protection
    • ATM locator including augmented reality view
    • Offline balance view
    • Segmentation capabilities
    • Multi-device compatibility
    • User friendly interface
    • Optimum security
    • Actionable adverts
    • Omnichannel integration via BankWorld server
    • Personalised payments
    • P2P mobile payment
    • Prepaid card recharge
    • Mobile top up
    • Card on/off
    • Bill payment and presentment
    • Creation of beneficia
    • News & messaging
    • eGovernment services