Internet on Mobile

A unique combination of menus, functionality and branding can be made available to customers via internet enabled mobile phones.

For banks that are committed to providing customers with greater access to their finances online, providing mobile optimised internet banking as enabled with BankWorld Internet is essential.

With BankWorld Internet, banks can provide customers with a user-friendly banking site that allows content to fit mobile device screens and provides all of the services a customer can access from a computer browser. Find out more about the capability of the CR2 BankWorld Internet application.

  • Benefits
  • Features
    • One solution for multiple devices
    • Low cost channel
    • Customer in control of their finances
    • Product acceptance and auto-delivery
    • Pre-approved offerings
    • Pushed tailored offerings
    • Registration for services on other channels
    • Auto-fit to device screen size
    • Consolidated view of all accounts
    • eStatements & search options
    • Domestic & international transfers
    • Bill payment and presentment
    • Beneficiary creation
    • Third party product selling
    • Electronic money voucher dispenser
    • Schedule future payments
    • New product or service subscription
    • Online user preferences
    • One click personalised payments
    • Card on/off
    • Limits increase/decrease