BankWorld Internet provides you with a platform for SMEs to manage their cash and liquidity 24/7.

BankWorld Internet offers extensive services to SMEs including features such as a consolidated view of all their accounts, scheduled transactions, recurring payments and group payments. BankWorld Internet allows corporate clients to send and receive task instructions with minimal effort and maximum speed, in a secure environment.

Better financial management for corporate customers 

BankWorld Internet makes financial management straightforward and advantageous. Clients are notified about receivables on cash and their accounts as they happen. They can assign a Personal Banker via delegation mode to allow their bank to undertake transactions on their behalf as required.

Definition and management of signatory mandates 

BankWorld Internet allows you to define and manage signatory mandates for online transactions. It ensures all signatories are collected before submitting a transaction request to you for processing. With BankWorld Internet, clients can sign transaction requests remotely, eliminating the need for a physical presence. Beyond enabling a faster processing cycle and better management of funds, it promotes client satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Simplifying your control of the internet channel 

Regardless of existing IT infrastructure, BankWorld Internet provides full control over your online corporate strategy. The solution offers a robust and thoughtful approach to operating your corporate internet channel, allowing you to quickly and easily design and launch new products and services.

Omnichannel integration

Being omnichannel in its nature, BankWorld Internet works in conjunction with other self-service channels such as the ATM and mobile, offering the customer a consistent view of their finances across all channels with the ability to initiate a transaction on the internet and complete it on another touch point.

  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Effective cross-selling
    • Advanced services
    • User-friendly
    • Real time information
    • Integrated channel
    • Remote support
    • Manage multiple currency accounts
    • Create multiple users
    • Assign roles
    • Delegation mode with personal banker to act on behalf of clients
    • Enable multiple signatories and authorisation hierarchy
    • Perform local and foreign remittances
    • Register beneficiaries
    • Recharge prepaid salary or travel cards    
    • Multiple language support