App for Smartphone & Tablet

Utilisation of smartphones and tablets to undertake day to day activities - including banking, is more popular than ever. BankWorld App is CR2’s response to this global trend.

BankWorld App adapts to all types of devices and empowers customers to undertake transactions across their smartphones and tablet devices as if they were in a branch.

CR2's BankWorld Mobile App provides an unparalled banking experience that will give your bank a competitive edge while increasing customer satisfaction by letting them undertake all transactions on their smartphones and tablets.

The use of mobile devices is transforming internet usage with a large and growing percentage of traffic now originating from mobile services. With more that 60% of smartphone traffic being generated by mobile apps, customers with smartphones expect their bank to provide an app for them to interact with their accounts in a simple, user friendly, screen optimized manner. As such, we at CR2 have introduced BankWorld Mobile App, which helps banks anticipate customers behaviours in order to provide advanced functionalities and usability on any smartphone whilst at the same time offering cutting edge banking practices.

Offline Transactions

At CR2, when we design solutions, we care about providing unicity, we care about differentiating your bank from the competition and about providing clients with the convenience they demand. We have designed BankWorld Mobile App with these objectives in mind. Our App can operate both in offline and online mode, letting customers manage their finances at their convenience whether on a plane, in a remote area, or anywhere. To do this, BankWorld Mobile App can recognise when an online connection is and is not available, allowing the user to view their account data and payments at all times (as last synchronised from a connected usage). Customers can then perform transactions, even in offline mode as BankWorld then takes care of the execution when internet coverage becomes available.

User-Friendly Interface

CR2 is constantly mindful of banking customer's desire for a consistent experience across channels and devices and we have developed our product specifically with this in mind. To that end, BankWorld App can be branded consistently with your other channels ensuring a seamless and user friendly interface. Using powerful segmentation tools, BankWorld App can also provide a tailored experience for each customer which is as unique as they are. As with the BankWorld Internet and ATM channels, the app also supports a customer segment differentiated look and feel as well as providing product and service availability that fits the customers behaviour and segment profiles. BankWorld Mobile App also offers a contextual UX which seamlessly fits any screen, any device, menu, banner and content. Furthermore, for enhanced convenience, the App naturally adapts to landscape or portrait modes when a user rotates his/her device.

Native App

BankWorld Mobile App is developed using 100% native code for Android and iOS. The native nature of the app allows it to be compatible with an Apple Watch and other smartwatch devices, allowing users to view their account balances and related transaction simply. A unique feature is the 3D Touch Quick Balance view which enables customers to quickly check their balance without logging in, using Apple's 3D touch capability.

Personal Finance Management

For many banking customers in fast growing markets, earning and spending power is as strong as ever and these customers often need help from their bank with allocating and investing their assets wisely. The tools which customers use to track, spend and manage their finances have now become an expected service as customers look for innovative ways to manage their finances. To stay up to date with these tech-savvy and financially intelligent customers, BankWorld Mobile has been equipped with a personal finance management (PFM) tool that offers real and tangible benefits. Our PFM tool allows customers to manage their spending for a better life whilst also giving them peace of mind by quickly spotting fraud charges or any other unusual activity on their account. With BankWorld Mobile App, your customers are able to view and interact simply with a user friendly and clear enquiry and charting.

Rules Engine

With BankWorld Mobile App, your bank can define its own transactions. The app's powerful rule engine is capable of tracking certain components of internal processes for effectiveness or auditing and goes hand in hand with your workflow engines or business processes. Put simply, whilst banking with certain products, customers often meet certain conditions. Once these conditions are met, a rule engine triggers a process or flags data that may be interesting. With it, a bank can simply set the criteria for any given transaction whilst the rule engine listens and pulls the trigger

Revenue Generation

Beyond accurate segmentation capabilities and targeted product offerings, BankWorld Mobile App ensures revenue generation can be achieved via effective cross-sell opportunities and actionable advertisement that can instantly be responded to. Our app has straight through capabilities meaning that once a product is accepted, it can be delivered instantly (e.g. loans, overdrafts, new accounts) whilst instructions can be sent to the right department. Consequently, customers are empowered to carry out multiple transactions on what is uniquely the lowest cost channel.

Optimum Security

BankWorld Mobile App promotes enhanced transaction security via features such as card on/off, one time passwords, and multiple authentication. What's more, the solution allows customers to view account information such as transaction history and balances offline with the use of a pin. This information is automatically updated with an active internet connection. Login credentials are required to carry out transactions such as transfers and requests. Additionally, when BankWorld App recognises that a session has expired, it will time out in order to protect a customer from fraud if a phone is lost or stolen. These features allow your customers to enjoy peace of mind banking.

Omnichannel Integration

Rather than rolling out a mobile app solution in silo mode, BankWorld Mobile App allows for true integration with all other BankWorld self-service channels. The customers of today expect to manage their finances on whichever channel suits them best at a given moment, thus having a strong omnichannel offering is essential to guarantee customer satisfaction.


The BankWorld Mobile App is available on iOS and Android mobile operating systems. It is an app that can natively synchronise with smart watches. Each version of the app (iOS and Android) share a common layer so that they may be customised for contents, menu, look and feel and then published at the server level. New services may be rolled out across all o the platforms without having to update the specific app version on the iPhone. This model allows for better performance, better security and better use of storage. A bank may offer a wide range of services to its customers via the BankWorld Mobile App.

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  • CR2-MobileApp2
  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Enhanced customer reach
    • Instant product acceptance and processing
    • Accelerated product development 
    • User-friendly
    • Offline services
    • Customisable per customer
    • Single solution for multiple mobile devices and operating systems
    • Savings on licencing fees
    • Multi-channel fraud protection
    • ATM locator
    • Offline balance view
    • Segmentation capabilities
    • Retailer capabilities
    • Money Voucher Purchase
    • Money Voucher redemption into account
    • Multi-device compatibility
    • User friendly interface
    • Optimum security
    • Actionable adverts
    • Targeted campaign advertising
    • Omnichannel integration via BankWorld server
    • Personalised payments
    • Custom transaction future dated payments
    • P2P mobile payment
    • Prepaid card recharge
    • Mobile top up
    • Card on/off
    • Bill payment and presentment
    • Creation of beneficiaries
    • Request brochures
    • Request appointments
    • News & messaging
    • eGovernment services