P2P Mobile Payment

CR2's pioneering P2P mobile payment solution enables your customers to send money to others using just their mobile phone.

BankWorld’s P2P payments allows your customers to send money to others with a simple SMS. The recipient is sent an SMS code which they can then use at an ATM to withdraw the money that they have been sent. This type of multichannel coordination allows for new revenue generation and customer acquisition,

  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Convenient and simple way to send and receive money
    • Auto-acquisition of new customers
    • Revenue generation via fees
    • Low cost alternative to wire transfer and remittances
    • Instant transfer and immediate fund withdrawal
    • Payments are secure bring both password and mobile phone number specific
    • P2P accounts are separate from current accounts as a fraud prevention method
    • The solution is compatible on any mobile device brand and via any telecom operator
    • Send money from one mobile phone to another mobile phone.
    • An account linked to the mobile phone is automatically opened in BankWorld for a first time recipient of a money transfer.
    • P2P account holders can access the money in their BankWorld managed P2P accounts using cardless services at the ATM.
    • A full range of banking services can be offered on the P2P accounts when users complete the bank’s KYC procedures.
    • P2P money transfers can be offered on all banking channels including ATM, Internet and Mobile channels.
    • P2P services are supported on all mobile phone handsets across all networks.
    • Allows a bank to offer P2P services via a network of agents.
    • Allows businesses to receive payments for goods and services using an easy-to-remember nickname.