BankWorld Mobile SMS - enabling your customers to undertake instant transactions with the use of SMS commands.

SMS banking remains the most accessible type of mobile banking for many worldwide. With mobile technology having revolutionised customer behaviour in the last decade, people feel the need to stay constantly connected, and the way they deal with their bank is no different.

CR2 has designed BankWorld Mobile SMS to provide customers with a host of banking services all enabled via SMS on their mobile phones. The solution makes banking easy and quick for your customers, it also gives them peace of mind that their finances are safe at all times. Our solution enables you to deploy a strong and responsive mobile channel that will assist you in reaching your customers at all times, with cross-selling of products in addition to generation of new revenue.

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Stream Revenue

    • Transaction based revenue
    • Instant product acceptance
    • Acquisition of new customers via P2P payment

    Increase Satisfaction

    • Advanced services available
    • Interactive relationship with the bank
    • Peace of mind banking

    Reduce Costs

    • Low cost technology
    • Low cost maintenance
    • Remote support
  • Sample SMS Banking Commands Include:

    • 'ATM': Returns ATM ID for cardless access
    • 'BAL': Returns balance on primary account
    • 'NET': Returns total net position
    • 'PAY UTILITY_NAME AMOUNT': Pays a utility bill
    • 'STMT ACCOUNT': Returns a mini statement on account