Omnichannel Innovation

We create the products that inspire tomorrow's banking.

At CR2, we hold innovation at the heart of everything we do. We strive to change the way people bank, revolutionising self-service banking and creating customer experiences that are as exciting as they are effective. What is first launched as a CR2 industry leading concept, soon becomes a modern banking essential. Innovation is in our DNA.

Some of our recent innovations include:


At CR2, we recognise the need for you to be able to provide segmented and personalised services to your customers, across all electronic channels. Our unique Customer Information File provides you with an invaluable 360 degree view of your customer's information across all channels, enabling you to create specific defined customer segments and design personalised campaigns to deploy across the self-service channels.


BankWorld Money Vouchers are a form of electronic cheque that allows you to offer convenient money transfer services to your customers. They are easy to use, password protected and the transfer is instantaneous.

Pre-approved loans

Unique to BankWorld is the fact that your customers can enrol for an offer automatically at the self-service channels without the need for manual operations. This enables you to offer customers the ability to accept pre-approved instant loans at self-service channels.

Personalised payments

BankWorld Personalised Payments is our effective multi-channel solution which allows your customers to make repeat payments from the ATM, internet or mobile channels using easily remembered nicknames. Once set up, payments to domestic and international beneficiaries can be made with the push of a button at the ATM, the sending of a text message or the click of a mouse on the internet.

P2P mobile payment

Our unique, integrated platform allows your customers to transfer funds quickly and easily to another person using just their mobile phone. The recipient is sent an SMS code which they can use at an ATM to withdraw the funds from any of the bank’s ATMs or at the branch.

ATM cardless access

BankWorld’s multi-platform approach enables you to deploy innovative, multi-channel features such as cardless ATM access. This allows your customers to securely perform transactions at the ATM channel without the use of a card using one time SMS pins or biometric authentication.

Anonymous bill payment

BankWorld lets you offer a wide range of services, such as bill payment, to both customers and non-customers. Your ability to provide this service to non-customers facilitates increased revenue generation through fees and charges as well as exposing non-customers to offers and promotions.

Dynamic currency conversion

With BankWorld, when your customer inserts their card into your ATM when abroad, they are prompted with a choice if they wish to be charged for the withdrawal transaction in the local currency or that of their origin country, using your own exchange rate. This gives your customers the power to choose the best rate, as well as the peace of mind of having selected it themselves.

Sales campaigning

Using BankWorld you can efficiently and cost effectively create, design and roll out segment specific marketing campaigns across your entire distribution network. By targeting customer segments with personalised offers, you will greatly increase your ability to generate additional revenue and drive real value on all channels.

Card on/off

CR2’s BankWorld enables you to provide innovative, multi-channel features that ensure high security for your customers when using their cards. With card on/off control, your customers can deactivate their card when not using it and reactivate it again at a convenient time. When the card is switched off, your customers are safe in the knowledge that it cannot be used.

Agency banking

BankWorld Agency Banking utilises multiple delivery channels, seamlessly integrated via the BankWorld platform, to enable you to provide your customers with the most appropriate banking services. A wide range of services are made available even in remote areas. The BankWorld agent portal is a BankWorld-powered computer or tablet interface which enables agents to perform transactions on behalf of the customer. 

Data analysis

BankWorld Business Intelligence is an intuitive tool for analysing the customer base. The Business Intelligence module provides the capability to quickly segment the customer base for targeting marketing campaigns through the BankWorld channels. This is especially powerful when combined with the segmentation capability of BankWorld.

Pay day loan

A pay day loan is a small, short-term loan that is intended to cover your customers expenses until their next pay day. Customers can be offered an instant Pay Day Loan at the ATM and accept it on the spot. BankWorld will automatically process the request and your customer can decide to withdraw the cash immediately or transfer it to a selected account.

Actionable offers

Unique to BankWorld is the capability to present actionable adverts at the ATM, online or on mobile that customers can accept instantly. With BankWorld, you also have the capability to pre-approve customers for specific offers and push actionable adverts that can be instantly accepted online such as loans, overdrafts or new card offers. Instead of just advertising, you can actively sell your products.


CR2's BankWorld Instant Cash Send at Finovate Fall 2014

CR2 demonstrating the BankWorld Cash Send application at Finovate Fall 2014. Cash Send is a truly omnichannel product recently deployed by us which allows people to instantly send cash to any individual from a mobile app.