Agency Banking

Reaching the unbanked through a network of agent and self-service banking services.

BankWorld Agency Banking is a flexible and customisable self-service banking solution designed to help you meet your business challenges. BankWorld Agency Banking utilises multiple delivery channels, seamlessly integrated via the BankWorld platform, to enable you to provide your customers with the most appropriate banking services.

Agency banking is fast emerging as the solution of choice in tackling the need for greater financial inclusion. However, it is not just the unbanked who are crying out for more accessible banking services; many existing customers who do not have the time or the means to travel to their local branch are also desperate for more flexible banking services outside the branch.

The BankWorld agent portal is a BankWorld-powered computer or tablet interface which enables agents to perform transactions on behalf of the customer. BankWorld Agent Portal can use a web-based or 3G connection depending on the device used and does not require high bandwidth to provide a functionally-rich agent interface. Banks can assign different access levels for particular agents; for example, an agent with basic access could perform transactions such as bill presentment, bill payment for utility or school fee payments or carry out transfers on behalf of the customers.

BankWorld Agency Banking benefits

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Relationship Building
  • Cost Reduction
  • Stream Revenue
  • Seamless Channel Integration
  • High Security