ATM Cardless Access

Using the ATM without a card and getting access to all the services customers need.

BankWorld’s multi-platform approach enables banks to deploy innovative, multi-channel features such as Cardless ATM Access. This allows customers to securely perform transactions at the ATM channel without the use of a card using one time SMS pins or biometric authentication.

Card-Less Services for customers and non-customers alike

A bank’s customers have access to a full range of services including cash withdrawal, just as if they used their card, whereas, even non-customers have access to a wide range of ATM services such as bill payment, electronic cheque purchase and redemption and mobile top-up without the use of a card.

Reaching the Unbanked

The administrative overhead and the costs of card production and distribution are removed, allowing low margin customers such as the under-banked and youth markets to be quickly, efficiently and profitably incorporated into the bank’s customer base.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking can now provide a complete banking experience including cash withdrawal and all other ATM services.


Customers can be identified at the ATM using biometric systems such as iris scanning or fingerprint identification instead of a card. Once the customer is authenticated, normal ATM services are available.

High Security

This approach provides an extra level of security to each account as mobile phone verification is needed to make a transaction and the issue of card skimming is no longer a problem. This is in addition to the extra convenience to customers who no longer need to carry their card with them to make transactions.

Cardless ATM access can also be used in areas where card distribution is difficult but mobile phone penetration is high such as in developing countries.

This is another example of how BankWorld can help banks take full advantage of multiple channels by having them work together to offer customers enhanced services.

Benefits of Card-less ATM Access

  • Increase customer convenience
  • Improve security through the use of multi-channel verification
  • Facilitate ATM use in developing countries
CR2's BankWorld Instant Cash Send at Finovate Fall 2014

CR2 demonstrating the BankWorld Cash Send application at Finovate Fall 2014. Cash Send is a truly omnichannel product recently deployed by us which allows people to instantly send cash to any individual from a mobile app.