Personalised Payments

Transfer money from any channels easily using nicknames.

BankWorld Personalised Payments is a CR2 multi-channel solution which enables the bank’s customers to make repeat payments from the ATM, internet or mobile channels using easily remembered nicknames.

Repeat Payments

Once set up, payments to domestic and international beneficiaries can be made with the push of a button at the ATM, the sending of a text message or the click of a mouse on the internet banking screens. The customer can  set up personalised payments through bank staff at a branch or using internet banking facilities themselves.

Remittances Made Simple

This solution is ideal for migrant workers who need to regularly send remittances to dependants. It allows customers to send repeat payments without travelling to a branch to fill out forms.
Regardless of which channel is used, customers have access to their own set of previously defined personalised payments from which they can initiate a payment.

Simple to use

Personalised payments are executed using a familiar nickname (e.g. ‘Son’) and the customer only needs to remember this name to execute the stored instructions that include the target account and bank, default amount, etc. For flexibility, the customer can also override the default amount when the payment is submitted.

Fast and Easy Setup

Personalised payments are easily set up by the customer using internet banking facilities or by bank staff at the bank. A single setup will allow payments over the ATM, SMS and internet channels.

Multiple Categories

Customers can organise personalised payments into meaningful categories such as “family” or “friends”.  This ability to organise templates will aid the fast look-up of the required payment at an ATM or on the internet channel.

Beneficiary Notification

Customers can optionally define a mobile phone number for the beneficiary, so that they can be notified by the bank when a payment is executed.

Multi-channel Support

Payment instructions are accessible to the customer across all channels. Personalised Payments can be executed with the push of a button at the ATM, the click of the mouse on the Internet, or the sending of a text message on the customer’s mobile phone.

Payment History

The customer can access a historical list of payments made to any recipient for verification purposes on the ATM and internet channels.

Transfer Mechanism Independent

Payments can be sent across whatever transfer mechanism(s) the bank uses, for example, Swift, Payment Network or the bank’s own internal network.

International Support

For existing customers of the bank, additional KYC procedures for overseas remittances are not required, as the original KYC documentation will have been retained by the bank.

Personalise services to customer at the ATM, CR2 at Finovate Europe 2013

CR2 demonstrate how to personalise services at the ATM using our innovative Bankworld ATM solution. BankWorld ATM solution enables customers to get a tailored offering as well as a unique branding in line with their lifestyle.