Smart Sales Campaigning

Design campaigns, select targets and deploy offers across all channels. Reaching out to customers has never been so simple.

CR2’s BankWorld includes powerful segmentation capabilities which enable you to analyse your customer data and most importantly, to send personalised product and service offers to customer groups based on their lifestyle.

Using BankWorld you can efficiently and cost effectively create, design and roll out segment-specific marketing campaigns on your ATM, internet or mobile banking channels. By targeting customer segments with personalised offers, you will greatly increase your ability to generate additional revenue and drive real value on your self-service channels.

Features of BankWorld Smart Sales Campaigning

  • Visually analyse your customer database and create targeted audience
  • Create and rapidly deploy sales campaigns on your ATM, internet banking or mobile banking channels
  • Easily design campaigns using drag and drop screens and services
  • Intelligently deliver different campaigns based on your customer segments
  • Schedule campaigns based on the success rate and sales cycle
  • Automate the call-to-action with immediate delivery of products and services
  • Measure the results of your campaigns and profit generated

Benefits of BankWorld Smart Sales Campaigning

  • Full branding and sales campaign control
  • High success rate with targeted and relevant campaigns
  • Quick time to market and response to market trends
  • Reduced costs as all branding is deployed electronically from a single or multiple locations
Personalise services to customer at the ATM, CR2 at Finovate Europe 2013

CR2 demonstrate how to personalise services at the ATM using our innovative Bankworld ATM solution. BankWorld ATM solution enables customers to get a tailored offering as well as a unique branding in line with their lifestyle.