Keep personalisation and accuracy fundamental with CR2's BankWorld.

BankWorld Segmentation allows you to offer banking services on the self-service channels that are tailored to suit your customers individual needs.

With CR2's dynamic segmentation capabilities, you can simply and efficiently determine appropriate customer groups which can be presented with relevant offerings at every self-service touch point.

CR2 has long recognised the need for banks to be able to provide segmented and personalised services to their customers, across all electronic channels. While segmenting customers into groups with common requirements is not an uncommon strategy, an analysis of many segmented product offerings between different banks reveals very little difference between banks and between segments. Many banks have gone to great lengths and expense to create a specific customer experience for specific segments within the branch, yet have adopted a one size fits all approach across the self-service channels. Often, they can be seen to offer the wrong product to the wrong customer segment. At CR2, we have spent years consolidating BankWorld's segmentation capabilities across self-service channels in order to offer you the most advanced and effective customer segmentation facilities on the market.

With our practical segmentation tools, consistent branding can also be applied per customer segment to the ATM channel. Each individual segment can be offered a different and appropriate branding and unique sets of services depending on their preferences. When this type of strategy is implemented on a segmented basis customers are only presented with the offers and services that are right for them and their banking lifestyle.

CR2 provides you with these capabilities, creating groups of customers called segments and tailoring banking to meet their expectations including:

  • Branding
  • Products & Services Mix
  • Campaigns
  • Fees Calculation
  • Omnichannel Availability
  • Powerful Business Intelligence Tools

BankWorld's unique Customer Information File (CIF) provides you with a 360 degree view of your customer's information. First BankWorld connects to your back-office system and gathers all information available, consolidating this and publishing it into the CIF.

With this comprehensive view of you and your customers' banking relationship, BankWorld enables you to split these customers into groups and design appropriate campaigns to deploy across the self-service channels.
Our segmentation tools enable you to:

  • Define segments of customers as per their age group, lifestyle etc.
  • Tailor offerings for each segment of customers
  • Define cross-selling/up-selling campaigns
  • Deliver personalised products and services to segments across all or selected channel


Benefits of Segmentation
  • Deploy relevant offers to each segment
  • Effectively cross-sell and up-sell
  • Generate new revenue
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Deliver a consistent campaign across all channels
Personalise services to customer at the ATM, CR2 at Finovate Europe 2013

CR2 demonstrate how to personalise services at the ATM using our innovative Bankworld ATM solution. BankWorld ATM solution enables customers to get a tailored offering as well as a unique branding in line with their lifestyle.