ANZ facts and figures:

  • Established in 1951
  • Leading bank across Australia & New Zealand
  • Operations in approx. 30 other countries worldwide with a focus on emerging markets in the APAC region
  • In excess of 8 million customers
  • Approx. 1,300 branches worldwide
  • Approx. 4,000 ATMs in APAC region

The Challenges

Already a long term CR2 client utilising our Sparrow switch across Asia Pacific, ANZ turned to us to address the issue of their clients convenient access to cash  whilst abroad via the ATM. Historically, customers were being faced with high costs associated with such transactions as a result of the card scheme they use.

In an effort to overcome this challenge and better serve their customers, ANZ identified an opportunity. The Bank decided to set their own exchange rates using a dynamic currency conversion tool (available at ANZ-powered ATMs) which has the ability to significantly reduce the costs for the client while also bringing new revenue to the bank directly.


Cr 2_anz _screens -currency

The Solution

After extensive research, ANZ decided to select CR2’s Dynamic Currency Conversion tool for the purpose of addressing this challenge. ANZ tested the solution in a handful of countries within its APAC regional network before deployment to 14 preselected sites across Asia-Pacific.

How does it work?

Upon inserting their card into an ANZ-powered ATM when abroad, customers are prompted with a choice of whether they wish to be charged for the undertaken cash withdrawal transaction in the local currency or that of their origin country, at an ANZ supplied exchange rate.


Growing transaction volumes are accredited to the intuitive nature of the solution and it is reported that customers have responded well with immediate adoption and ease of use. Based on current ATM usage, the Bank is estimating a quick and significant ROI over the next 5 years. This figure will be realised by employing the solution more broadly across further APAC sites within the bank's vast regional network.
Further implementation of the solution on POS devices is also anticipated.