Bank Al Etihad

Bank Al Etihad facts and figures:

  • Established in 1978
  • Head Office in Jordan with two sites in Jordan and Palestine
  • JOD $ 1,8 billion assets
  • Ranked 7th bank in Jordan in terms of assets, 2nd bank in terms of loans
  • 52 ATMs
  • 37 branches
The Challenge

Bank Al Etihad, one of the leading banks in Jordan, were already using CR2 solutions to power their ATM, Mobile and Card Management channels before beginning the search for a much greater set of innovative products for their customers at the ATM. They first sought to expand their product offering and target specific segments of customers with loans which would immediately be available from the ATM. Like most banks, Bank al Etihad was using traditional loan applications that could only be conducted through their branch. This restricted the bank’s ability to offer loans when branches were closed and resulted in missed service and revenue opportunities, particularly during festive periods such as Ramadan, Eid and Christmas. Bank al Etihad sought a solution that would enable its customers to take out loans even when the branch was closed. They wanted a solution that would also generate extra revenues from the bank's existing ATM network.

Bank Al Etihad -success

The Solution

BankWorld ATM gives banks the ability to let their customers enrol for offers automatically at the ATM channel without the need for manual operations. With BankWorld, clients are pre-approved and presented with a dedicated loan offer which they can accept directly from the ATM. BankWorld will then automatically process and action the request. The loan amount is pre-determined by the bank relating to the customers’ segment with terms and conditions being agreed to at the ATM. The cash can then be immediately disbursed to the customer on the spot, or transferred to a selected account.


With CR2’s ATM Fast Loans, Bank Al Etihad is able to offer loans 24/7, increasing loan acceptance and generating new revenues from its existing ATM network. Clients are also satisfied as the barrier of requesting loans in a face to face situation, particularly when applying for small denomination loans, is now removed by the self-serviced ATM.