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As self-service banking such as online, ATM or mobile banking becomes the primary way in which customers manage their finance, banks must re-evaluate the way in which they reach their customers..

While this shift in customer behaviour poses several challenges for some banks, it can provide huge opportunities for banks who fully embrace self-service banking. CR2 has designed a single integrated platform to manage all electronic delivery channels, such as online banking, mobile banking and ATM banking, which empowers banks with the capabilities to provide personalised services at every touch point and enhance customer experience.

Why choose BankWorld Multichannel Solution?

  • Manage all self-service channels from one point
  • Design and push tailored offerings
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Convert leads into sales
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Generate revenue

A truly multi-channel strategy

Only BankWorld enables banks to pursue a truly multi-channel banking strategy through a single integrated platform where all customer information is centralised and a consistent strategy can be deployed across all devices.

The diagram below clearly explains what multichannel means to CR2:

Traditional approach in silo-mode

banking channel management

  • It compromises security
  • It increases costs & complexity
  • Increases time to market
  • Compromises the customer experience

True multichannel banking

Click on the diagram below to see the components of the solution

self-service banking platform Kiosk Smartphones Mobile ATM Internet POS XML

  • Strengthens security
  • One channel, one bank, multiple devices
  • Products designed and deployed across all channels
  • A single multi-region solution
  • The self-service platform serves your customers more often than bank staff do. (24X7)

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CR2-success stories

Success Stories

CR2's CardWorld FraudTRAP helps National Société Générale Bank (NSGB- Egypt) to protect their customers from debit card fraud. “The system has so far proved to be an invaluable tool in addressing card fraud; having been running successfully since the launch.“