About Us

Developing a world class Digital Banking Platform for over 20 years

CR2 is a world-leading vendor within the Digital Banking Platform market, with a market leadership position in Africa.

We provide banks with Digital, Self-Service and Payments solutions to grow their business, optimise their customer service cost and deliver an enhanced customer experience. Headquartered in Ireland, we are enabling over 100 banks in 60 countries seamlessly connect and engage with their customers on the most critical banking channels today.

With the broadest set of digital channel solutions available on the market, ranging from Mobile, Internet, SMS, USSD, Payments, Card Management Systems, ATM and Kiosk, we offer a significant differentiator over other vendors in the market. Our Digital Banking Platform – BankWorld – enables banks to provide innovative, cost effective and end-to-end digital customer journeys across mobile, internet, self-service and payments.

Clients using our platform include a range of retail banks, both international and local. Many customers have been customers for over two decades. Our BankWorld platform supports multi-entity capability and is used by a range of retail banks, both local and international with some having been clients for over twenty years. These include many leading banks such as Standard Bank, Barclays, ANZ and Standard Chartered Bank who are all running multi-country deployments.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Within a market environment so heavily impacted by COVID-19, banks are further accelerating their branch transformation strategies, by facilitating the needs of customers in an expanding range of digital channels. This environment encompasses not only mobile and internet channels, but also includes enabling new services on traditional ATM’s and Kiosks.

With immense payment capabilities available, the BankWorld Digital Banking Platform provides banks with the platform that meets these needs. BankWorld gives you the capability to revolutionise the way you think and interact with your customers through digital, self-service and payment channels.

Our Heritage

Roots of our success go back over 30 years, with early success achieved within the self-service banking market with the international operations of global leading banks such as Barclays, Standard Chartered Bank, Absa and Standard Bank. In 2000, CR2 pioneered the early digital banking market, launching a market-leading platform known as BankWorld.  This platform has continually innovated over time, incorporating all of the requirements demanded by banks and their customers today and now uniquely offers a depth and breadth of banking functionality that is unrivalled in the market.

Today, BankWorld is trusted by over 60 customers in 100 countries around the world, allowing banks to serve their customer’s ever growing demands in today’s environment, generating fees and revenues and lowering their overall cost to serve. Many of our world leading customers remain customers for decades and report excellent product and company feedback in leading Analyst reports.

An Experienced and Flexible Professional Services Team

The Professional Services teams work directly with banks as well as supporting partner implementations. With delivery and development centres located in Ireland (Dublin), UAE (Dubai), Jordan (Amman), India (Bengaluru) and Australia (Perth), banks are assured of availability of resources to successfully implement the platform via a combination of onsite and remote activities. CR2 operates over 9 time zones from Dublin to Perth.

Remote and Swift Implementation during COVID-19

Our history of extensive integration achieved in the past two decades coupled with a passionate and experienced Professional Services team translates to faster deployment timeframes for our customers. Within a COVID-19 environment, a flip-to-remote implementation of solutions has been hugely successful for our customers.

Our flexible implementation process allows for complete off-site delivery with no requirement for travel to the customer site. Leveraging a range of tools and processes, remote implementation not only accelerates delivery times but reduces cost for customers too. Even within a remote context, we continue to train and enable our clients, provide full knowledge transfer and are available 24/7. Upon contract, the system is fully configured and tested within our Cloud environment without any dependency on the bank. Towards the end of the project, the system is remotely migrated to the bank’s infrastructure and final testing takes place.

Now, more than ever, remote deployment capabilities are key to the successful  delivery of digital banking projects. Our experience, knowledge and flexible product ensures zero negative impact on project delivery.

Skill sharing

Our team of experts are passionate about banking and carry a deep wealth of experience and knowledge. Upon contract, our team will work closely with the bank, sharing this knowledge and providing training and enablement of banking staff. This skill-share is critical and builds in-house capability and skill-set that is vital for banking staff.