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Better Business Banking

The rise of digital technology is changing the way businesses bank today.

This presents opportunities for banks to grow their business banking segment and:

  • Better serve their customers
  • Expand their product offerings
  • Target and grow new customer segments

How is business banking changing?

With increasing competition in the market, banks must rethink their business banking strategy and become digitally led in order to stay relevant and meet the demand to be innovative and seamless.

Effectively increase digital adoption base

Achieve up to 70% reduction in cost of customer onboarding through a simple optimised four step end-to-end process.

*Accenture SME Banking Report 2020

BankWorld Corporate is built on a powerful Digital Banking Platform that offers comprehensive banking functionality.

BankWorld Corporate offers an innovative and intuitive internet and mobile banking solution enabling your clients to connect, control and capitalise on a frictionless platform, resulting in increased growth and reduced cost to serve.


Empower corporates to connect with their customers, users and beneficiaries ensuring around the clock communication when and where they need.

Let your customers stay in touch through mail, chat or with the help of personal assistance with:

  • Secure Messaging
  • Personal Banker
  • Online Chat

Set up alerts to notify users on:

  • Account balance levels
  • FX rates
  • Account debits


Enhance customer experience by offering the capability to control how corporates manage their accounts and transactions.

Buy foreign currency at negotiated rates. Implement FX transfers approval rules to conform with FX regulation.

  • Agreed FX rate override
  • Authorisation workflow accounts available

Easily manage all your corporate account users by

  • Adding or removing corporate users
  • Enabling payments for your company using Debit Cards hosted in BankWorld CMS

View all business accounts and net position such as:

  • Account details
  • Transaction history
  • Accounts available in any currency
  • Single currency and multi-currency accounts available


Accelerate growth in the corporate banking space by offering rich payment features for all your customers’ business banking needs.

A rich payment centre where users can manage beneficiaries, make payments, select ‘quick-pay’ options and beneficiary categories.

  • New 3rd Party Payment
  • Save 3rd Party Payment
  • SWIFT and IBAN
  • Beneficiary Categories
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Transaction Receipts
  • Approval Workflow

Automated payments

  • Recurring payments
  • Future dated payments

Salary payments

  • File upload
  • Bulk digital payment
  • Approval workflow
  • Virtual salary card issuing

Supplier payments

  • Bulk bill payment
  • Bulk digital payment
  • Approval workflow

Merchant payments

  • QR code payments
  • Digitised card payments
  • Merchant statements
  • Dispute resolution