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BankWorld Digital is a rich and innovative suite of mobile and internet banking channels built on an enabling digital banking platform. BW Digital empowers banks to design and launch new products and services that delivers an enhanced customer experience which drives retention and revenues with a lower cost to serve.

BankWorld Digital Lite is available as a standard off-the-shelf offering, combining the most frequently used mobile and internet functionality required by banks today. This solution offers a fast track to market launch with a predefined set of integration points and functionality.

A compact mobile and internet banking solution available as an off-the-shelf solution with predefined set of integration points and features that ensures fast-track to market launch.

  • Digital Onboarding
  • Account Dashboard
  • Quick balance view
  • Current Account services – schedule transfers, overdraft requests, chequebook requests, cheque cancellation
  • Rich Payments Centre
  • Cash Send and Redeem
  • Account Transfers
  • View and search bills
  • Social media integration with bank brand
  • Customer Service via mail and chat PFM features Transaction history and detail
  • Locate ATM’s and branches with Augmented reality included
  • Foreign Exchange rates and currency converter
  • Personalized alerts and offers
  • Share bank information – FAQs, fees and charges, privacy policy, terms and conditions, copyright
  • Extensive digital security features
  • Profile management and set user preferences
  • Personal Banker and Activity Calendar
  • Standard integration with common back offices
  • Expertly designed UX, common user experience across mobile and digital channels
  • USSD fallback when no data connection is available
  • Available in four languages – English, Arabic, French, Amharic and right to left support
  • Digital Design tool for quick rollout of new services, independent of CR2

BW Digital offers all of the Lite features PLUS the below extended features.

  • Savings Accounts services
  • Mortgage Account services
  • Credit Card Services
  • Loan Account Services
  • P2P Transfers Customer service via online chat
  • Transaction detail, map, ATM location, phone location, merchant name Extensive Card Controls – view cards, switch on/ off, view linked accounts, report card lost or stolen, personalise card names
  • Showcase savings offerings with easy to use deposit calculator
  • Capture user response to personalized alerts and offers
  • ATM cardless access
  • Bespoke integration points available
  • QR Codes – generate and export
  • Extensive corporate banking features available

The changing environment for the banking customer is demanding greater access to a complete spectrum of digital banking services that removes the necessity of visiting branches.

It’s not just about a banking app either, it is critical to ensure that banks put a solid digital banking platform in place that is highly configurable, scalable, secure, extensible, and offers the ability for banks to integrate external services that creates a broader banking ecosystem.


Reach and acquire new customers fast.

Effectively increase digital adoption base

Achieve up to 70% reduction in the cost of customer onboarding through a simple, optimised four step end-to-end process.


Engage with your customers by offering a broad spectrum of banking and payment services with an enhanced user experience.

Enhanced User Experience

BankWorld Digital has leveraged expertise from leading fintech design experts to ensure the user experience meets the demands of today’s digital customer.

Digital Payments

A rich payment centre allows your customers to quickly make payments, manage beneficiaries and access other key digital services.

Consistent Cross Channel Experience

Offer a consistent user experience on both mobile and internet banking channels and connect your customers with your physical channels with ATM and branch locators. SMS and USSD support means banking service continues when no data connection is available.


Delivering relevant services is key to ensuring your customers will remain banking with you in the face of growing competition.


Banks can quickly design and offer services that are relevant to defined demographics, lifestyles and spending habits.

Greater Services

Offer rich payment capabilities so that your customer does not have to engage with other digital banking apps. Enhance the experience with better health monitoring for customers with enriched PFM features.


To remain competitive, banks need to act with a rapid and robust response to the ever-changing market. Embrace new trends and quickly implement new products and services that cater for all customer segments, while reducing the overall cost to serve.

Rapid Deployment Timescales

BankWorld Digital Lite is an off-the-shelf suite of applications built upon an innovative Digital Banking Platform that fast-tracks a bank’s digital proposition and ability to save on costs.


Choose a vendor with experience and knowledge of your market. A vendor who has experience of delivering complex banking solutions in challenging markets, combined with a digital banking platform that is highly configurable scalable, secure and reliable.

BW Digital is based on a platform that offers scale, is extensible and reliable – supporting the future growth of your digital customers.

CR2 has over 20 years of proven integration to multiple core banking systems. Our robust system is capable of seamless integration to the core banking system.

Many of our customer lifetime relationships span decades. CR2 works in partnership with our customers, delivering the features and services demanded by their banking customers.

BW Digital provides a single integrated platform that manages all digital channels allowing your bank to reap the rewards of centralised customer data.

BW Digital is built upon a highly configurable platform so that banks can easily design and deliver tailored product offerings for their customers. It also allows the seamless rollout of products and services without the cost and time of requesting CR2 to do so on your behalf.

CR2 has extensive experience of implementing diverse projects over many years. We recognise the challenges faced by institutions when new technologies are adopted. Our team of experts engage in a proven process to ensure a swift and efficient migration is accomplished.