BankWorld Internet is an innovative and powerful internet banking platform allowing your bank to offer more freedom and flexibility for your customers to manage their finances as they desire.

With a modern user interface and responsive design, BankWorld Internet will strengthen your banks position in the market. It offers the freedom and flexibility to adapt and customise in response to your brand strategy, customer segments and market needs.

BankWorld Internet enables banks to:

Increase Revenue

BankWorld Internet allows you to drive revenue through many streams such as actionable adverts, pre-approved offerings, effective cross-selling and third party revenue. Sales campaigns can be created and designed by your marketing team and made interactive and automated with the underlying BankWorld Digital Banking Platform.

Improve Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction by offering convenient and simple banking that puts the customer in control of their finances.

Deliver relevant tailor-made offerings that engage with your customers and speed up banking processes by offering automated product and service deliver.

Reduce Costs

BankWorld Internet enables your bank deliver a service that is low cost to serve.

By offering a future-proofed, expandable platform that streamlines business processes, BankWorld Internet will significantly reduce your costs.

Segment and Personalise

BankWorld Internet is unique in providing a 360 view of the customer relationship with your bank. By analysing customer data and behaviour, your bank can simply define key customer segments to serve your customers better.

Personalisation is paramount to retaining customers and with the unique personalisation capabilities of BankWorld Internet, your bank can deliver beyond your customer’s needs.

Offers a Modern User Interface and Responsive Design

BankWorld Internet provides an intuitive and user-friendly online banking environment that is fully functional and adapts to every device including laptop, mobile, tablet and connected touchscreen TV with capability to allow for gesture-based navigation.

Provide an Ultra Secure Solution

As security is the primary concern for customers when it comes to banking online, BankWorld Internet is build using the latest security standards and offers a variety of security mechanisms.

Introducing Internet Banking 3.0

BankWorld Internet 3.0 offers the freedom and flexibility to quickly respond to changing market needs – banks can independently roll out new products and services to adapt and customize in response to brand strategy, customer segments and market needs.

To ensure industry standard design across our digital banking suite, Internet Banking 3.0 has been re-designed based on Material Design guidelines and Angular – one of the most popular modern platform for web application development. Advancing the product with this underlying architecture strengthens security, the user experience, provides high performance, scalability and ease of configuration for customized requirements.

Internet Banking 3.0 Delivers

  • Enhanced customer journeys
  • Off the shelf selection of colours and themes
  • Material Design components throughout
  • Improved maintenance and support capabilities
  • Better security and compliance
  • Enhanced support and performance for mobile browsers
  • More efficient on resources
  • Better performance and speed of navigation
  • Component based architecture delivering easy and rapid upgrades/innovations
  • Consistent experience across all screen sizes