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Mobile Banking

To meet the needs of today’s digital customer, banks must offer an extended set of banking services and deliver an engaging customer experience with mobile banking.

Customers are demanding more in terms of quick onboarding journeys, instant payments, card controls and personal financial management capabilities. With BankWorld Mobile banks can quickly launch a feature-rich mobile banking app that caters for the evolving digital customer, driving digital adoption, engagement and increasing loyalty in a highly competitive market.

BankWorld Mobile is built on an underlying digital banking platform, known as BankWorld, that is highly configurable, secure and scalable.

Increase customer adoption with a feature-rich and compact mobile banking solution.

With BankWorld Mobile your bank can:

  •  Extend reach and onboard customers in 4 simple steps
  • Increase engagement levels with quick access to banking services
  • Remain relevant with cross selling and promoting products tailored to specific segments and individuals
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce cost of transaction than within an in-branch environment

BankWorld Mobile – Advanced Mobile Banking

  • Increase Digital adoption rates
  • Drive Campaigns – design and launch personalised offers
  • Comprehensive Off-The-Shelf functionality
  • Extensible via underlying digital banking platform
  • Engaging UX
  • Strongest integration capabilities proven in market with multi-back office integrations completed
  • Broadest channels on the market
  • Mobile, internet, SMS, USSD, ATM, Cards, POS
  • Consistent customer experience across channels
  • Highly Configurable platform – High Performance, High Availability

Speed to Market

BankWorld Mobile is available as an express option ensuring rapid time to market with a predefined set of integration points.

Deliver a relevant mobile banking experience, fast.

Banks operating in emerging and developing markets with rapid population growth need a mobile banking solution that encompasses:

Lower Risk

BankWorld Mobile Lite allows a more streamlined project delivery with a predefined set of integration points, limiting exposure to risk.

Rapid time to Market

Our BankWorld Mobile Lite offering ensures rapid delivery timeframes.

Secure Mobile Banking

Security features include two-factor authentication for payments, biometrics for login, automatic inactivity timeouts, jailbreak detection and secure communication channels.

Trusted and experienced vendor

CR2 is entrusted by over 100 banks in 60 countries to help them seamlessly connect and engage with their customers on their channel of choice. Our mature banking platform, BankWorld, enables banks to quickly deploy out-of-the-box solutions driving speed to market. BankWorld is highly configurable providing the capability to the bank to develop new services independently of CR2. We have a team of experts with deep knowledge of our market and provide consultancy and skill-share to our customers.

BankWorld Mobile – Not just a banking app