BankWorld Payments

With rapid advances and investment in digital payments globally, banks must equip themselves with a range of digital payment capabilities to remain competitive within their market.

BankWorld Payments enables banks to grow their customer base, drive revenue and enhance relevance in a highly competitive and evolving market by embedding the bank into the payments value chain providing a broad range of physical and digital payment services.

BankWorld Payments offers a wide range of physical and digital payment services in the market including cards, remittances, P2P, funds transfer, corporate payments, QR codes, merchant payments and wallets.

BankWorld Payments

Digital and Face-to- Face Payments

CR2 uniquely offers both physical and face-to-face payments to meet the needs of today’s banking customer.

Broad scope of
Payments Services

Including cards, remittances, P2P, funds transfer, corporate payments, QR Codes, merchant payments, wallets

DFI Solutions to serve the unbanked

Extensive Card
Management Solution

Rich card issuing solution and card acquiring channels


Strongest integration capabilities proven in market with multi-back office integrations completed

Experience with a wide range of payment rails such as Visa, Mastercard, UPI, Western Union, Swift, NEFT and Fawry

Range of Digital Wallet solutions

Mobile Wallet

Card Wallet Enablement

QR Code Payments

Agency Solution

A platform that delivers rich and comprehensive payment capabilities

BankWorld has the capability to route payments across payment ecosystems either directly or via payment gateways or concentrators. The platform provides an Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments platform that supports hosting and retrieval of bills for presentment and payment. The following payment capabilities are supported:

Payments via social networks is supported through the API and Integration Framework platforms. BankWorld Payments has the ability to enable consumers to initiate a payment using free form text messaging via social networks platforms such as WhatsApp. This capability is delivered through integration of the banks preferred Chatbot server.

Amole Success Story

Using CR2’s Digital Banking Platform, Ethopia’s Dashen Bank and Moneta Technologies came together to create the digital wallet, AMOLE. It allows both consumers and businesses to access an extensive range of electronic payments and P2P money transfer options, across one of Africa’s largest and fastest-growing economies. For banks such as Dashen, AMOLE offers incredible potential including:

  • Process high volumes of new customers
  • Dramatically increase deposit mobilisation
  • Domestic payments and international transfers
  • Position the bank as the dominant force in Ethiopia’s payment space

Read the Amole Case Study

Agency Banking

Over 2.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to bank accounts. The largest percentage of unbanked adults in the world is in Sub-Saharan Africa, where an estimated 80% of adults are financially unserved. Agency Banking is an effective channel that efficiently reaches consumers through a low cost network of affiliated merchants and business entities.

CR2’s Digital Banking platform provides an effective platform for managing and controlling Agents. Through bank driven monitoring and process guidelines, Agents can provide key digital payment services which are essential for enabling financial inclusion. This is achieved through a cost effective managed account, which is serviced through multiple customer touch points.

Many of the BankWorld functionalities and services that are targeted at the Agency level overlap with the BankWorld functionalities and services that are targeted at banks branch staff. This includes, comprehensive remittance services, delegation, bill payment services, KYC, account origination services, etc.

  • Acquire new customers
  • Reach the financially excluded
  • Decongest branches. Agents have more locations, shorter queues, better opening hours
  • Target underserved areas, without having to invest in ‘bricks and mortar
  • Offer a variety of banking services
  • Compete against the telcos, enabling banks to push new products via their agents quickly, in response to ever-changing market needs
  • Expand geographic coverage
  • Reduce the cost to serve the customer

  • Account opening and KYC
  • Cash deposits
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Money Vouchers (Digital Cheque)
  • Pay Bills through Agent
  • Request One Time Passcode for ATM access
  • Balance enquiries
  • Transaction histories
  • Transfer funds to existing and new consumers
  • Transfer funds to existing consumers and Agents using Public Identifiers
  • Remittances
  • Loan Origination