A robust and flexible

Switching Solution

A switching solution to quickly and accurately route local and international transactions.

A unique and powerful switching solution that provides a payment switching service that enables banks to transmit ATM and POS transactions in real-time between issuing and acquiring banks.

BankWorld Switch is used by many world leading banks today and efficiently routes ATM, POS and card transactions to the appropriate network, working in compliance with the latest industry standards.


An enhanced switching solution

BankWorld Switch quickly identifies and routes payment transactions to the appropriate issuing network, gaining authorisation from the issuer and sending back a response to the device source where the payment has been made.

Our ATM Switching solution supports a wide variety of payments including cards, ATM and POS, as well as Mobile, Internet and Kiosk banking transactions.

Scale with Confidence

BankWorld Switch is highly scalable with the capability of processing an unlimited number of transactions and devices.

Our solution’s high volume per second processing capability ensures you have a robust, capable and expandable solution that is always available.

BankWorld Switch is an integrated platform that provides the opportunity for the switch to incorporate Mobile and Internet transactions as well as deploying value-added services across all channels.

Our switching solution is the most widely deployed switching solution in Africa today.

BankWorld Switch is composed of five primary components:

  1. Database
  2. External Network Interfaces
  3. Operational, Monitoring, Configuration and Diagnostic User Interfaces
  4. Processing Layer
  5. Reporting
  • Single solution that incorporates ATM Client, Switch and Card Management System
  • Real-time ATM and Fleet Management tools that manage both simple and complex ATM networks and reduces overall cost of ownership
  • Full stack vertical solution, incorporating all required elements from software client to the scheme gateways
  • Engaging user interface delivering an enhanced customer experience
  • 30+ Off-The-Shelf services including Cardless, Bill Payment, Funds Transfer, Campaigns and Promotions
  • ATM Design studio gives independence and control to design and launch personalized offers
  • Retain control of screen flows and transaction mix
  • Enable digital transactions in a self-service environment
  • Solution offers rich Card Control functionality merging mobile and ATM channel
  • Strongest integration capabilities proven in market with multi back-office integrations completed
  • Experience with a wide range of global and local payment schemes such as Visa, Mastercard, UPI, and a wide range of local and national switches
  • Including biometric scanners, cash recyclers, NFC card readers, statement printers. Hardware vendors supported include NCR, Wincor, Diebold, Hyusong, GRG and more