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Amole Digital Wallet

  • Accelerate Growth of Digital Customer Base and Reach Millions of New Customers
  • Enable Dashen Bank to compete within the Digital Wallet market
  • More easily target the unbanked
  • Execute a Digital Payment Strategy
  • Deliver a rich service set relevant for today’s Ethiopian market – P2P, Electronic Payments, Mobile Money

Facts and Figures

  • 60% of Ethiopia’s 110 million population is under 25 years of age
  • Fastest-growing economy in Africa and top 5 in the world
  • Traditionally a cash-based economy
  • Just 20% of the population is banked
  • 40 million mobile subscribers, 13.5 million using smartphones
    • Messaging channels such as USSD remains extremely relevant as a mobile channel to reach the majority of mobile subscribers – feature-phone users
  • With a more open economy, FinTech’s and telco’s can now participate in the mobile money/digital money market, increasing the competition for incumbent banks.

The Challenge

  • Dashen Bank wished to strengthen their position in the Ethiopian market and build their digital customer base. They sought to create a digital platform that offered a broad range of products and services via digital payments, which also seamlessly integrated to their digital banking channel. The bank partnered with Moneta Technologies and set about developing a new digital wallet for the Ethiopian market
  • Offer a set of access points that are relevant to the Ethiopian market of today – USSD, Mobile App, Internet, Social Media and Agency
  • Position Dashen Bank to lead Ethiopia’s drive to financially include millions of Ethiopians into an informal and eventually formal banking environment
  • Leverage Dashen’s branch network of 450+ branches to help propel the growth of the digital wallet
  • Also, Leverage on the Ethiopian Postal Service, Hidase Telecom, Total Ethiopia…etc. branch network of 4000 agents nationwide to help accept of wallet deposit, cash-out, sales of digital content, process bill presentment and payment…etc.
  • Process high volumes of new customers
  • Dramatically increase deposit mobilization
  • Offer domestic payments and international transfers
  • Position Dashen Bank as the dominant force in Ethiopia’s payment space
  • Sign up to 17 million smartphone users by 2023 and digitally transform their lives

The Solution

  • Named after a salt-bar currency used in Ancient Ethiopia, ‘Amole’ is the result of careful planning by Dashen Bank and Moneta Technologies, with support from CR2’s digital banking platform, BankWorld, which provided critical elements of the technology “OmniChannel” solution
  • Amole allows both retail and business customers to access an extensive range of rich content available to purchase via electronic payments and money transfer options, across one of Africa’s largest and fastest-growing economies
  • Amole uniquely offers seamless integration between the Digital Wallet and Dashen Bank’s digital banking channels, allowing customers to easily purchase content from a range of banking digital channels
  • CR2’s flexible platform meets the needs of the local market and provided Dashen and Moneta with an OmniChannel solution ensuring access for all mobile users – USSD, Mobile App and Internet. Additional channels include Agency, P2P and a Social Media app Telegram. The digital wallet seamlessly integrates to Dashen’s digital banking channels
  • The Digital Wallet offers a very rich array of content that is extremely relevant for the day to day needs of Ethiopians today. It offers ease of use and convenience when buying airline tickets (Ethiopian Airlines), School fees, Retail Payments, eCommerce, concert tickets, taxi cabs, mobile top-ups, DSTV bills and more
  • The solution provides an easy onboarding process, allowing users to self-register across a range of channels.